Heart Attack Changed My Life!

Last Update: May 24, 2020

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On the 2nd February 2020 I had a heart attack which put me into hospital.

I have never been as scared as I was that day because I thought "this is it".

The Paramedics, Nurses and Doctor's were excellent in dealing with me.


Thankfully I survived but had to make onel life changing decision, to quit smoking!

I got told by the Nurses and the Consultants that if I wanted to carry on living then I had to quit smoking, not easy to do when you have smoked for 41 years.

I told a lie in hospital that I only smoked about 20 a day, I reckon the Cardiologist knew this and made sure I understood the grave situation I was in.

In reality I smoked 60 a day, not good!

Two days after I came out of hospital I quit for good, just stopped, I can't use patches as I'm allergic to most types of sticky plasters.

So I use a vape, yes I know there are pro's and con's to these but I did needed help and my Doctor was happy about it.

High Blood Pressure

The other issue I had was that my blood pressure was through the roof and wasn't coming down.
When the Paramedics took me into hospital my blood pressure was 210 over 132, scary!

Talk about pills, I was given six straight off to thin my blood, two to lower my blood pressure and two to lower my cholestrol.

Then my blood pressure was taken every hour while I remained in hospital, so sleep is out the window.

Plus I also had a chest xray, 3 ECG's until they were happy.

The one thing I couldn't have was an angiogram as I'm allergic to aspirin and can't have stents fitted, which the Cardiologist explained to be a problem, unfortuantely there is nothing I can do about that.

Moving Forward

After 36 hours they let me go home when my blood pressure had finally gone down to a level which was acceptable.

For two months I have simply being watching television, feeling sorry for myself and getting bored as I can't do much.
Because I have other health issues and Covid-19 appeared I am classed as Vulnerable which means I have been on Lockdown and not allowed to go out unless it's for medical reasons.

Then I started to think well it's no good just vegetating, feeling sorry for yourself, time to put your time to use.
I already have affiliate websites but don't pre-sell Wealthy Affiliate, so I thought it's about time I got myself back into things!

So long as I take my tablets which I have to take everday, I'm fine.


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Recent Comments


Good afternoon Neil,

That was a close call and also a wake-up call, all in one.
You have been given a second chance and not everybody can say that.
I stopped smoking 5 years ago, and that was a great decision.
Have a serious look at your lifestyle and what you eat. The closer to nature you eat, the better.
Try to skip men-made food as much as possible and your health will improve.

Stay safe and healthy,


Thank you for your comment, Taetske.

I'm so proud of you for quitting. Very sorry to hear about the allergies though. Vape isn't the greatest way to go but it is better than nothing.
Take it easy and remember to watch your diet with that blood pressure.
Life is a blessing best not wasted as I am sure you already know so I'm happy to see you newly motivated and ready to go.

Wishing you every success with your WA promo venture. I just started down that path as well.

Cheers to your health and to new beginnings Neil,


Definitely a tough lesson learnt.
The Doctor's and Nurses were very blunt about it, they said; If you want to carry on living, quit smoking!

Yes lol sometimes that's the best way. We just have to drop it like a bomb on the patient for it to sink it. Other times we can take a more subtle warning approach. You definitely needed the wakeup call. I'm very happy you took heed. We have lost many because they were unwilling to change their lifestyles.

I prefer it blunt, I did say this to them.
I don't like wishy washy answers, be honest and straight to the point.

They must have really appreciated this. It is hard to beat around the bush sometimes. I can see that you are truly trying to make more responsible health choices. You sound very serious and committed to a new lifestyle. I applaud you for that. Change is not always easy but I'm confident that you will stick it out.

So sorry to hear about your heart attack, Neil. I could never imagine how it was like but I'm glad you got out okay.

I believe that health is wealth and there are things we need to sacrifice and let go off in order to stay healthy.

Take care.

Health is everything and without it we are screwed.
I thought it wouldn't happen to me, big mistake.
Still, I'm in a much better place now and pay more attention.

I am happy you quit smoking. Congratulations. There is nothing you can not do if you put your heart into it. Please be strong.


It wasn't easy but was the right decision to take.

This is a great place to spend
Your time.
I hope you feel better soon
Kind regards

Thank you, I'm okay.

I’m very pleased to hear that

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