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Last Update: June 06, 2017

Hello to all the New and premium members of Wealthy Affiliate , to day i just finished Affiliate Bootcamp second lesson and they ask me to share 3 pages with you so i will be posting the 4 links of my site pages and hope you will find it well.

Please let me know if they are ok and if there is something it needs to be changed your comments makes a different s for me and i will appreciate your suggestion good or bad please let me know .

All the best to the members

links of my pages are :


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paulgoodwin Premium
Simple and to the point which is very good
jtaienao Premium
Great job on your pages so far Nazila. Good content and also good layout. A suggestion on your third page. You may want to add bold paragraph headings on this page to beak your content up some. Other than this, it looks great. Keep up the good work.
Nazila12 Premium
Dear jtaienao , having you around is a blass and hope , i will definitely look in to it and add the bold paragraphs .
Thanks again .
susanmacneil Premium
You have done a lot of work so far!

Your information is clear and you present it in an inviting manner.

I like your "green" concept! That will have universal appeal.

You have lots of very important information on your Wealthy Affiliate page!

It will be interesting to watch your website continue to develop!

Great job!

Nazila12 Premium
Thank you so much for your comments, that's nice to hear, you made my day :) thank you
Mo1786 Premium
Congrats, on your efforts, I am still far behind , and rather 'Green' with Envy. Further success to you in your endeavors.
browzman Premium
Congratulations - keep up the pace.
Nazila12 Premium
Thank you