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June 09, 2017
Dear members, I hope you all are having a wonderful time , just a small note of Harriet Beecher StoweRemember , The Past, the present, and the future are really one-they are today Are you on course? Do you know were you are going and How you are going to get there ? What are the beliefs and values which are hindering your progress ? Is denial or procrastination hindering your progress?
Father day is coming, I thought it will be Nice to share my thoughts with all the viewers.Let me share you my feeling and a few stories of my past, As I remember i can only think about all the good memories which i had with my father, He is 69 year old now but he is the best father in the world, I have a lot of respect and love for him.I am 46 year old and when we get older, it is sometimes hard to bring out your feelings for them and you feel shy, or sometimes there is a lot going in our life
Hello to all the New and premium members of Wealthy Affiliate , to day i just finished Affiliate Bootcamp second lesson and they ask me to share 3 pages with you so i will be posting the 4 links of my site pages and hope you will find it well.Please let me know if they are ok and if there is something it needs to be changed your comments makes a different s for me and i will appreciate your suggestion good or bad please let me know .All the best to the memberslinks of my pages are :https://gree
June 05, 2017
It is Monday, I had been panicking all day yesterday . Today I found out everything with my website is working perfectly and there's no issues at all. I left a massage with live chat line and tried to find out if there is any server issues, but everything was working , so I emailed the support and got the respond, and after all this stressing and working I realized I am missing only one letter on my spelling and that's the reason that I can't login. I laughed at myself and I couldn't believe ho
May 31, 2017
Good morning to all the member of the wealthy affiliate , I am so happy and excited to Be in here's with you all .Each and every day i am getting excited with all my learning by your help and support. There's is a lot to learn in here and I am always thirsty for knowledge. Thank you for all your support and being here for us , thank you Kyle and thank you Carson .Thank you to all my network member who helped me to learn and they have left me the comments and answered my questions. You all are g
May 29, 2017
Hello to all the members, I had a wonderful today and I hope you all enjoyed your day too , I like to share a link with you , this link dose not belong to my site, but it is very important to see the site , I hope you all can help , this site is helping for human trafficking and it's a must for us if we can support the cause, that's Great .please check on it , and let everyone to know about this need and support, this could happen to our kids , our doughter, hope you take this serious and supp
May 25, 2017
Hello, another day pass by and now it's about 10: 26 pm Haven't been able to do much of studying today but my goal is for sure to study more for tomorrow :) There is a lot to learn especially it's so easy to get distracted with all beautiful websites .Wish all the best please let me know how is everything going for you all . I would love to hear from you and reading your stories and success of your business. I like to hear what was the most challenging part Of being in the system ? sand how di
May 24, 2017
Hello to all the members,I hope you all having a wonderful day today, hope that you are enjoying every secant of your i worked on the website, and still studying on the lessons, it take time but i am enjoying it a lot, please visit the website and let me know if you are liking it, its very important for me to know what would be your suggestion and how i can make it look better .please text me if you need help, and i like to see if i have done everything correctly , please leave your
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May 23, 2017
It's 24 of may and I have become a premium member about 24 hours ago :) I am very excited and looking forward to finish bootcamp courses just finished the first lesson.By the way i had a crazy day today, i was all over the sites and i was lost completely, i was just laughing at myself and i remind myself just go back to the lesson and review the lessons again its almost 7:44 pm and i am still searching and looking on the sites .good luck everyone . stay tuned for the rest of the stories . wish
May 22, 2017
Hello to all the member , I hope you all are doing well, it's been 3 days since I joined the system as a free member and I am still at lesson 7 of getting started lessons . Please let me know how is everything working out for you? Specially new members like me Good luck everyone In your goals :)