What Would You Sell Your Site For?

Last Update: April 23, 2016

Recently BelieveItYes posted an interesting post about site worth. Check it out below.


It got me thinking about how much I would take for a website.

I agree with one of the comments in that post from IMc that it's income that mostly determines how much a site is worth. And that makes sense - if someone buys a site they want a return on their investment and want to know that it's something that will make money.

However, if a site is earning good money, I would prefer to keep the site rather than sell it for something like 10 times it's monthly income? And if it's not making much then 10 times it's monthly income wouldn't be much so its still worth holding onto - IMHO.

In just a year you would earn more than what you sold it for so why would you sell it - unless you had too many sites and wanted to free up your workload of course.

I wouldn't consider anything less than 20 times monthly income for any of my sites at this point. Maybe at some stage I'd take less if I wanted to free up some time for a new project.

A one off lump of cash or recurring income?

What would you sell your site for?

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KatieMac Premium
I have seen a few posts about this over my time with WA I had never considered selling my site however some had done so I guess it comes down to what you want from your online business
caisaki Premium
I don't know, I think of my sites as a masterpiece, something that cannot be replaced or priced, even if it's not perfect. I wouldn't sell it for the world :)