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October 19, 2017
Hard to believe it's been that long!That time has flown. And what a difference 3 years makes. 3 years ago, when I started, I was making zero online income - I was already dabbling in websites and had one that I'd had for a good couple of years - but it was actually costing me money not making money. Personally, I had just moved to Canada and was just getting established in a new country. Enter WA and a new website and a new more organized system for building that website. And voila! 3 years lat
Part 1 showed the improvements I obtained for one of my websites. I have now turned SiteSpeed on for my second website and analyzed the results. The first thing I noticed, regardless of the figures below, is that my pages/posts load considerably faster. If you want to look at the results from the first post click below. was what my site was showing pre SiteSpeedAnd this is after: A more subtle improvement than with the last website but st
I have spent a lot of time in the past on trying things to improve the speed of my websites. But none of them seemed to do much or didn't do anything - and in some cases even made my website slower!So when Kyle recently posted about SiteSpeed I was cautiously very excited.Something that costs nothing, that I have to do virtually nothing for but I get results! Seems to make up for all that effort with so little results in the past.Anyway, here's the interested but. First, here's my Google Page S
December 23, 2016
Just checked one of my affiliate networks and it said I only had 2 clicks yesterday. When I would normally be getting 300+ a day recently. Then checked some of my links and they went to a 404 error! I was able to fix the issue but lost a potential couple of hundred dollars over the last couple of days. If anyone else is using Thirsty Affliliates and haven't checked their clicks recently it might pay to do so. This is the link where I found the instructions to fix the issue if you are having th
June 06, 2016
I know this has been blogged to death but I feel like a refresher needs to go up now and then because I'm getting more and more unapprove-able (is that a word?!) comments. When I get comments that start "I'm not interested in this topic..." and end with "your post is very well laid out and helps the reader to trust you to the bottom where you have an affiliate link. You're going to make lots of sales!" - I can't post them on my website! Don't think I need to explain why not.....This would be gr
Recently BelieveItYes posted an interesting post about site worth. Check it out below. It got me thinking about how much I would take for a website. I agree with one of the comments in that post from IMc that it's income that mostly determines how much a site is worth. And that makes sense - if someone buys a site they want a return on their investment and want to know that it's something that will make money. However, if a site is earning
I've just discovered an image I created being used on another site by a fellow WA member. The image isn't in creative commons and wasn't attributed in any case. Now of course, I am not going to make them take it down (I've just asked that they link to my site). But remember that you can't just use any image you find online. Find images in the public domain, that are creative commons images (and attribute) or pay for images. Or create your ownI've heard stories of people being sued for a fair bi
March 17, 2016
Made it to 1,000 comments for one of my sites!I reply to every comment so that makes roughly 500 comments from others and 500 replies. A majority of these have been "natural" comments but I definitely used the old "give and take comment thread" in the early days to help spurn on comments and that definitely got the ball rolling.
February 02, 2016
The first website I started after joining WA was launched 14 months ago in November 2014. In January 2016 I passed income of USD1,000 for the first time (and cleared it quite comfortably). Earning this in a month on website income alone has been a goal of mine for years (I started a website a couple of years before joining WA). It's taken a lot of patience and persistence but all the hard work is starting to pay off. It's still a way off my monthly income goals but it's one of the milestones I
I have always struggled with bounce rate and mine has now risen to 87%! Would love to hear some suggestions for decreasing it.I started going through my posts a couple of months ago adding in internal links and improving the opening paragraph as much as possible and this starting bringing it down - to around 66% at one point. But now it's gone up sharply again. I have found one of the big reasons for this. There has been a big increase in my referral traffic and this seems to be mostly from what