Impressed with New SiteSpeed Part 2

Last Update: May 03, 2017

Part 1 showed the improvements I obtained for one of my websites.

I have now turned SiteSpeed on for my second website and analyzed the results.

The first thing I noticed, regardless of the figures below, is that my pages/posts load considerably faster.

If you want to look at the results from the first post click below.

This was what my site was showing pre SiteSpeed

And this is after:

A more subtle improvement than with the last website but still some good improvement. And reliable results. I toggled SiteSpeed on and off a couple of times and the results were consistent.

I was expecting something more significant in the numbers given how fast the site seems to be loading - but the fact that the site is loading so fast is the main thing, IMO.

These results were the same after deleting my caching plugin too (WP Fastest Cache).

I decided to also test one of my largest (lots of videos, images and comments) and most popular (and probably the highest revenue earning) posts.

This thing was a bit dire before turning SiteSpeed on:

But there was a big jump in results after turning SiteSpeed on:

Now it's still not scoring great (but this is a big post) but significantly better - and, more importantly, it seems to loading a lot faster.

And also to keep in mind, I have 12 active plugins - even after deactivating WP Fastest Cache.

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tnx 👴👩👨
Carson Premium
Hey Nathan,

Great that you are testing things out!! I can tell from the screenshots that one of them the page was not cached. You will never see a "reduce server response time" with sitespeed on, it's impossible because there is zero latency. So that desktop score wasn't correct.

Images are the big issue here. If you optimize your images you will get in the high 90's for score.

Use the optimized images google gives you at the bottom of the page when you test your site. Swap in the optimized images and you'll see massive gains.

Secondly, the message of enabling compression is due to a plugin and that plugin requiring resources like JavaScript from an external server. When we say that plugins can really kill your website speed, we aren't joking. Have a look at the suggestions and you will likely see this is related to a sharing plugin. There are many sharing plugins that are very light weight and do not require your pages to load external resources.

That said, your pages with site speed turned on will load up to 100x faster in a browser. Although google page speed scores are great to see in the green (we expect it), the real benefit is your visitors seeing pages load instantly, which they do with sitespeed on!

Thanks for the post!

nathanpall99 Premium
Hi Carson

Thanks for the suggestions. Really appreciate it.

I will see what I can do with the images. I usually compress them before putting them on the site but there must be more I can be doing with them.

I use Cresta Social share, maybe that's the plugin that's causing the issue? Will see if I can find one that's lighter. Any suggestions?

But yeah, definitely stoked with how much faster the pages are loading - would be nice to have those scores up - but that's just a bonus compared to the new speed for my users.

Thanks again!