Very Impressed with New SiteSpeed so Far!

Last Update: May 02, 2017

I have spent a lot of time in the past on trying things to improve the speed of my websites. But none of them seemed to do much or didn't do anything - and in some cases even made my website slower!

So when Kyle recently posted about SiteSpeed I was cautiously very excited.

Something that costs nothing, that I have to do virtually nothing for but I get results! Seems to make up for all that effort with so little results in the past.

Anyway, here's the interested but. First, here's my Google Page Speed Insight results before turning on SiteSpeed for one of my websites.

I wasn't too unhappy with this beforehand, considering my other site. But the after results are quite impressive.

Currently for my other (much larger and much slower) website, I have poorer scores:

And that's an improvement from when I went through a time without a caching plugin (where the mobile score got as low as 49/100!

I am very interested to see how SiteSpeed can improve this site's speed.

But that's for part 2............

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Carson Premium Featured Comment
Hey Nathan,

Nice scores on the first site, just as I would expect! I'm sure that the load times in the browser are near instant too :)

SiteSpeed does not seem to be running for your Second site, it's showing some suggestions that should not be displayed if it's on correctly. Would you mind sending me a PM with your second website so we can have a peek and see what might be going on?

Also, if you can include the URL that you used in the second set of screenshots for the second (and larger) website that would be great. I'll run my tests on that exact page!

Thanks :)

nathanpall99 Premium
Hey Carson

Yeah, probably more importantly page load times are awesome - pretty much instant! They were never bad before for that site but they are noticeably quicker now.

I hadn't turned on SiteSpeed for the second site. The results in the last screenshot were pre SiteSpeed (to give me something to compare to). I have turned them on now and will post the results for that one in part 2 :-)
tnx you bro
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