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Last Update: June 06, 2016

I know this has been blogged to death but I feel like a refresher needs to go up now and then because I'm getting more and more unapprove-able (is that a word?!) comments.

When I get comments that start "I'm not interested in this topic..." and end with "your post is very well laid out and helps the reader to trust you to the bottom where you have an affiliate link. You're going to make lots of sales!" - I can't post them on my website! Don't think I need to explain why not.....

This would be great as "Site Feedback" but these SiteComments are posted on my site. Feedback type comments seem to be getting more and more regular.

It's my understanding that Site Comments is set up so that you post as if you are a reader the post, interested in the topic and have something to say about it (or better yet have a question).

I feel bad disapproving comments but when they are like this I just can't publish them on my website. Do others get these Feedback type comments regularly?

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CLandi Premium
Nathan, I was chastised on my first Site Comment for not following the rules. The second time I used Site Comment, I passed. I haven't used it since then. I need to concentrate on my training, and SC just takes up too much of it. Sorry WA members.

JudeP Premium
There is a huge amount of confusion still on this topic and so I feel you are right to bring it back to everyone's attention :)
MrsKiersten Premium
Yes, I'd say about 50% of the comments I get are really feedback.

I think this distinction should actually be one of the first trainings as part of the first course since the perpetual misunderstanding doesn't seem to be getting much better.