First 1000 dollar month!

Last Update: February 02, 2016

The first website I started after joining WA was launched 14 months ago in November 2014. In January 2016 I passed income of USD1,000 for the first time (and cleared it quite comfortably).

Earning this in a month on website income alone has been a goal of mine for years (I started a website a couple of years before joining WA). It's taken a lot of patience and persistence but all the hard work is starting to pay off.

It's still a way off my monthly income goals but it's one of the milestones I have been seeking for some time.

WA has definitely been an important step in the process so far - it tied together a lot of things that I knew pieces of, but not the whole picture.

Now it's back to work to keep building the business!

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TanjaRita Premium
Congrats! That is one of my goals. I am in month 10 now and bringing in about $30 a month. Not sure I can hit $1000 in 4 months. But you never know.
CTisby Premium
Anything's possible. Aim for the stars so that if you fall you'll land on a cloud. Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't doubt yourself.
nathanpall99 Premium
In the 2 months preceding that month I had $500 months but before that I was barely making $30 with this website. So totally, anythings possible. Though the site I made this for is a seasonal site so it was expected that things would pick up at the time they did.
That's awesome
Rich908 Premium
Encouraging news for all of us
OldMCSEGuy Premium
This is a great start.
jazminf Premium
MisterWailor Premium
Great job.