Something Happened Last Week.

Last Update: February 27, 2022

There's a concept in economics, that money is like a language. It's a way for people to communicate information without actually speaking the same verbal language. It's data. If I want something, and am willing to pay lots of money for it, it signals that the thing is valuable. If another thing is cheap, it signals that the thing is abundant, or perhaps not worth much money.

I forget which economics book it is, but there's a story about a copper mine in one country that has an explosion or something like that, so they can't mine copper. Then all the way on the other side of the world, copper prices shoot up. Though the person buying copper on the opposite end of the planet has no idea what happened in the copper mine, they receive the information, via money, that copper has suddenly become harder to get.

That's a long-winded, roundabout way to talk about something interesting that happened on one of my sites this week.

I was checking some stats, and the ad revenue was up about 30% yesterday, which was weird. Traffic had gone through the roof. Also weird. I didn't know what happened, but I knew that something had happened.

Was is an algorithm update?

Did something go viral on social media?

So I hopped onto Google Analytics, isolated traffic for the past two days, and checked my top post. Oh, it was that thing I wrote about Ukraine in 2020.

Ukraine is in the news this week obviously, and I hadn't put it together that my blog posts about Ukraine would be getting more traffic at this time.

What I think is interesting about this is that if I hadn't seen the news, and if I didn't have access to social media, I would still know something was going on in Ukraine just because of the traffic data from my website!

Also, this is a great lesson to anyone who is wondering if their efforts blogging are worth the time. This post that is suddenly getting traffic was written TWO years ago. Everything you write is on the internet forever, which is a very cool thing about blogging. You may not see the results of your work right now, but if you're in the game long enough, eventually success will catch up to you.

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nigelchua Premium Plus
Yes and yes - this is one of the reasons why I like SEO / articles so much, each page remains as a salesperson that works for us and the website 24/7, 365 days a year tirelessly.

That's one of the best way to stack opportunities and potential and success on each other, with every single content =)
CSmithers1 Premium
This might sound like stupid question, what is SEO?
H-Spinney Premium
The last statement in this blog post is really eye-opening:

"Everything you write is on the internet forever, which is a very cool thing about blogging. You may not see the results of your work right now, but if you're in the game long enough, eventually success will catch up to you."

Really great post...

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I agree fully, Howard!

Well summarised.
etseil20 Premium Plus
Hi Nathaniel,

That was a great example using economics. What your website went through is just more proof that the training here at Wealthy Affiliae still works (and will continue to do so).

Even though that post was written two years ago (on a topic that was not newsworthy at the time), it's relevant once you just wrote this WA post. So that's great that content post is getting a lot of traffic.

It reminds me about the idea of writing evergreen content. Evergreen topics will always work in the long-run, and niche sites can do well down the road.

I'm of the belief that doing some specific task now may not make sense to a lot of people. But in a year or two, it sure will make a whole lot of sense. By then, you'll want to thank yourself for doing that work a few years back.

What happened is a great example of why blogging still works (when we do it the right way). So kudos to you on your accomplishment there :)


tdbabineaux Premium Plus
This reminds me of an incident when I was in film school. A couple of brothers had made some massive purchases of silver, which caused silver prices to skyrocket. I was making a film at the time. Since film is made using silver, the cost of it went through the roof for a while. This didn't exactly help us students on a tight budget...

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus

This is why, in my humble opinion, the #1 skill for building an online business is resilience.
It is as elastic as supply and demand and when patience and sustained effort are attached, success is inevitable.

So many fall short on resilience and as a result, set themselves up for immediate failure.

Thank you for sharing such a pertinent reminder and congratulations on your ad and traffic success.