Small Commissions Are Good Too!

Last Update: May 18, 2020

There's a lot of interest in affiliate programs that pay out big commissions, and for good reason. Making a $1000 for each sale means you need just a few sales for a full time income. However, there aren't a lot of these big ticket items out there, and it really is a grind if you want to push the same product over and over again, hoping, praying for a single sale!

You can still make great money with small commission items!

I blogged before about how I built up one website to earn $1500 per month from $1 commissions, but the focus of that article was the power or recurring affiliate commissions. Are products with small commissions still worth promoting if they don't pay recurring fees to affiliates?

Yes! You can still earn really good income online even if your affiliate program only pays you a few dollars per sale.

Here's a great example.

This affiliate program only pays me $4 per sale. The order amounts range from $30 to $60, but I get a $4 fee regardless.

Two days ago I made 11 sales, so made $44. Not a whole lot of money! Yesterday I made 9 sales. Still not a whole lot of money!

But day after day after day, that's $40 each day (including weekends, holidays, etc, plus a boost during the holidays) is $14,600!

$14,600 Per Year From $4 Commissions

While $15k isn't a full time income for people in the USA, it's a pretty good start. The sales above are from one "list style" post on my website.

Combine that with some very low (4.5%) commissions from Amazon.

Daily commissions vary, but I earn about $1,000 per month from Amazon sales. So that's another $12,000 per year.

Combine that with some micro commissions (two-tier), for another $1900 per month, which is $22,800 per year!

Now we have $14,600 + $12,000 + $22,800 = $49,400!

$50k/Year From "Small" Commissions

Most people can live off of 50k/year, no matter where you are in the world. It's amazing to see how so-called small commissions can really add up when your business is running 24/7 making sales all day, every day, even on weekends and holidays.

Don't get too caught up in trying to chase the big money, because there's plenty of other opportunities out there!

Hope you have a produtive week everyone! I spent the weekend painting cabinets. It was a nice break from the computer for a bit!

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Wallerdog Premium
Great advice! When I first started I was chasing everything and getting nothing. Now, I've settled down and going to get these websites up and moving, then I'll find one other product to look at and see what it can do. But first I need to knuckle down and get the content out there.
Suzay Premium Plus
That was great advice, you have solid advice,because you are the Real Deal.
It's like in real estate to not build a palace in a neighborhood of duplexes. You will lose money big time when you try to sell it.
So Nathaniell says that little + little adds up over time.

Thank you, Suzay
Mark1957 Premium
I don't necessarily advocate so called high ticket items Nathaniell because there've been some horrendous scams around in the recent past and some really bad press......Empower Network is one that comes to mind.
There may be some better ones around now but I agree with you about getting your bread and butter grounded with regular, daily, weekly, monthly payments coming in so you know where you are.
If you then go high ticket (and I would recommend a high level of due diligence before hand) it means you don't have to sweat on getting sales to keep you going. The odd one now and then would be a great bonus!
Great stuff as usual Nathaniell
BobMargroff Premium Plus
Hi Nathaniel, thanks for this.

Just the little bit that you mention in this post would be a big plus. I can add that to my hourly job income and that makes nice supplemental income.

I would have to push myself to do more to be able to get numbers like that to start coming in.

It'll take time, but this post made me realize that I don't need much on a daily basis.

That would be a great start. Heck, even if it is only $2 a day... LOL!

I wish you well!

nathaniell Premium Plus
$2 per day is a great start IMO!
BobMargroff Premium Plus
LOL!! I have to get there first.
TDenise Premium
You’re awesome and multi-talented. I have a few companies I make small commissions from and they do tend to come in higher volume than higher ticket sales because the risk is so much lower. People don’t have to ponder over a purchase that’s less than $20 as much as something that’s higher.

I think it’s good to have a mix of high ticket, low ticket (if that’s a thing), and recurring commission offers. In my opinion, the sweet spot is when you have a relevant mix for the audience that’s visiting you.
nathaniell Premium Plus
Correct - mix is best. High ticket stuff is super nice since you can make one sale and feel pretty good about yourself, but when you have a diversified income in terms of niches, items sold, and price range, I find it's much less stressful.
TDenise Premium
Yes. I bet. I’m getting there.