SEO Works, And You Don't Need A Thousand Posts To Do It Right

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My most successful websites have always been due to (in my opinion), writing lots of content. Not only does it improve my writing skills over time, but it's also just a numbers thing.

The more times you try, the more times you win.

I wrote about 50 posts before my VPN website took off. I wrote about about 100 posts on my bootcamp site before I made it to Vegas. It took about 300 posts on a recent side project before I saw decent income.

Building an affiliate website has always taken lots and lots and lots of writing (or outsourcing) for me. Kyle talks about this in his post about brute force writing.

However, if you do things right from the beginning, you don't have to write that much. One great example is my beer website, which ranks surprisngly well for the amount of work I do on it.

I only published two articles in 2018, nothing in 2017, and everything else was in 2016 or before.

Right now, it's ranking #1 for Rare Beer Club Review, which earns about $100-$200 per month in commissions, and more during the holidays.

My beer site also ranks for keyowrds like "Libbey Craft Beer Glass Set Review", and "5000ml Erlenmeyer Flask", but neither of those keywords produce any income, despite being very product focused!

There's nothing complicated or difficult about how these rankings were achieved.

  • Keyword in the title
  • Keyword in the URL
  • Keyword in the first paragraph
  • Keyword in an h2 or h3 heading
  • Keyword in your title image
  • 1000-2000 words long

Plus, I follow other general content creation tactics Kyle and Jay cover in the trainings and webinars like internal linking, aiming for low competition keywords, and image SEO.

> SEO 2019 Checklist

What's Working In 2019?

The basics of creating high quality, FOCUSED content won't change from year to year. However, some things I've been doing that produce decent results are:

It's hard to say which one(s) of these are actually producing results, or if it's a combination of all of them, or if it's just confirmation bias. Regardless, these things make sense from a readers perspective, so I think they are helping.

Final Thoughts

Although it definitely helps to write like a maniac and push out tons of content, it isn't the only way to achive success online. I like beer, and I have a lot to say about it, and Google is smart enough to see that!

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Awesome Nathaniel!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us my friend.

Writing content is by far my biggest challenge and I appreciate you assisting me in the reminder that ranking in Google is achievable with quality keywords and by following the ways of the successful.

Success does indeed leave clues, thank you Nathaniel for always sharing & caring.


Definitely Tony. Keep up the good work man!

Thanks Nate.....I always learn a lot reading your blogs....I've been updating old posts too...hopefully it'll help soon?

I think it will Terry! Results aren't always fast, but they do come.

Thanks Nate

Thanks bro nice work

Thanks Dwain!

Good points all around. Appreciate the information about whats viable right now. We also know to make sure we watch for new trends that may affect next year as well.

Thanks for reading Will!

Wow! Great info! Thank you! I have 36 posts so far and I'm at the point where I'm not seeing results yet.

I needed the encouragement! Thank you!

Your writing will improve over time, as will your SEO skills. I recommend going back over your first content. There' definitely going to be something you can improve about it!

Thank you! Do I need to put my keywords in the alt tag of the first image?

Good information for all of us, thanks for sharing this with us.
Darren :)

Thanks for reading Nicola!

Thank you, Nathaniell.
You have helpful ever since I started here.

I have a few questions if you please
Where would I use h2 tag?
I use 33 in my headings
Never have I used h4.
I have never used big fonts 18-20 not sure how easily I would be able to do?

Here's how to change your font size: I use h2 tags near the top of the page. h3 and h4 are like sub headings.


Thank you for the the detailed, well sourced, documented and actionable info in your post.

Earlier today I have created a simple post on the near future increasing impact of video marketing: We will see how that all shapes up but maybe something to consider.


Thanks for reading Gabriel!

Moral of the story: Keep producing content (or outsourcing it) every single day without fail.

It could take 50 to 100 posts before you start to see results....

That's the opposite of what this post was about LOL. Pounding out content definitely works, but if you know your topic and are good at SEO, you do not have to grind daily.

Thank you for sharing Nathaniell much appreciated

You have answered questions that I have had for a little while now, so thank you so much for answering them.

Have a great day


Glad I answered your question Jen!

Yes thank you

All the best success

Have a great day

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