Reverse Strategy For Niche Site Building

Last Update: August 31, 2020

Here's an interesting idea. What if you built an affiliate website back to front? Instead of thinking of a niche idea you want build, then finding affiliate programs, what if you found the affiliate programs first, then built a website promoting that company.

There are pros and cons to doing it this way, but it can work IMO.

I haven't built an entire website like this, but I do publish content like this sometimes, and it's worked out pretty well. What I means is that I'll find some affiliate programs related to my niche, then brainstorm keywords I could use to promote their product.

Reverse Enginnering Your Niche Audience

Of course, a review is obvious. But what other keywords might someone search, for which the solution would be this product.

For example, let's say I wanted to promote cell phones with walkie talkie functionality. Maybe I found a great affiliate program that pays well, and it's a cool product I want to promote. On top of doing a standard product review, I'd also think about WHO would want to buy this and WHY.

  • are they in a rurual area?
  • are they a prepper?
  • do they have kids but can't afford a cell phone for each one?
  • do they go hiking in areas without cell coverage?

Then I think about how those people might search for a solution to their issue. Here are some example questions I think someone might type into Google (based on the ideas above).

  • how to get cell coverage when out of range
  • how to avoid roaming charges
  • how to make a phone call after EMP attack
  • cheap family phone plan
  • best walkie talkies for hiking

So when someone searches, "best walkie talkies for hiking", I can list a couple of good walkie talkie brands, but also introduce them to this cool cell phone which doubles as a walkie talkie, and tell them how it's a better solution that buying and carrying both devices with you.

You could potentially do this with an entire website if you find a good enough affiliate program or affiliate product to promote.

For example, maybe you really want to promote a Trager grill. You could build an entire website for barbecue recipes, smoking techniques, and outdoor cooking.

If you wanted to promote a high paying affiliate program for a miracle mattress that fixed your sore back, then you could do whole website about natural ways to cure back pain.

The downside is that you are reliant on that single affiliate program, and it may take time to get traction.

A Real Bummer of a Story (-$1000)

I actually tried to do this with my beer site and the result wasn't very good. Though my beer site isn't tailored to specifically promote a single product, I had an idea this year to pivot in that direction.

There was a really cool device called a Picobrew that could brew beer via bluetooth and it was small enough to sit on your countertop. The cost was $800+, and they ran their affiliate program through Shareasale.

I planned to do a bunch of cool beer recipes and promote the Picobrew as a way people could reciplicate my recipes.

After investing over $1000 to buy the machine and brew their kits, their affiliate program went offline, and it turns out they were in financial trouble. The machines are hit and miss whether you can buy them or not now, and they certainly aren't looking for new affiliates.

Bummer. I have a cool new brewing machine, and could still do the recipes, but there goes my prize product to promote.

If you are building a website to promote a specific product, and it's a brand new website, you may have to wait to get accepted into their affiliate program, and who knows what will happen in the meantime.

I'm not saying this to scare you away from trying this tactic, I'm just saying that there are some things to consider before doing it.

Lucky for me, I only invested money into the project and it wasn't a year down the road after I invested hundreds of hours (and more money). So I lost about a thousand dollars trying this out, but it wasn't as bad as it might have been.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don't build an entire site this way, the process of reverse enginnering your niche audience and what they search for is still interesting for promoting individual products. I often find keyword sets this way because it changes my thought process and sends me down a different road.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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dreamgirl93 Premium
I already do this. I also use the blog of the company which produces the product for keyword ideas. I follow their strategy and all the new products they introduce to the market. For me it's tireing to sign up to new affiliate all the time. I have signed up to a network instead and promote mainly one company's products
JKulk1 Premium
That's why it's fortunate we have so many websites that we can build at WA for the one hosting plan. I'm forever experimenting with my sites.
If there's one lesson I've learned in my life , concerning any type of business, it's to always be willing to try out new ideas. You will always have someone telling you that it can't be done, but it's those people with innovative ideas that usually become successful. Jim
Stella741 Premium
This is interesting as it's the way I have structured my first site. The only difference is that I make sure that the product I'm promoting is an established well known and world wide brand that everyone knows.

Doing product promotions round new products or with new companies always scares me and gets me thinking they won't last.

So I choose companies and promote products that have been around for at least 10-15 years before promoting.

When I first got into affiliate marketing, the product I was promoting in Clickbank got pulled. It was a brilliant product, but it was promoting how to do Google adword ads for Clickbank products. I made money really fast and easy and as it was my first time I was really hooked on affiliate marketing that way.

I had no website and no email list. Fast forward to now, Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me all the missing pieces of information I'd wish I'd known years ago.

I still am a fan of Clickbank, but now only choose products that have been around a long time with high Gravity score.

I have also been thinking of doing 10 page websites around 1 product then comparing it to Wealthy Affiliate....I wonder if we are allowed to do that? Building huge authority sites is really hard work to keep up to date and maintain.....I am still learning though....

Thanks for making me think!

All the best,

Bobbyg61 Premium
I had also thought that the authority part of the affiliate site is the key to your google rankings
i concur with shipwright on this,
hope it helps somewhat
Stella741 Premium
Yo! could be right as I had to do without a computer for 3 months and could not do my work!

Google rankings are down, but at least I know how to get them up again...I will also do PPC with Bing or Google Ads...Hopefully, ranking should be much better once I do that.

I will also be using Google Sniper techniques from now on. LSI keywords are quite important and once you use the main keyword just a few times on a post, you can use variations of the keyword phrase that mean the same thing.

And be ranked for it. Fortunately, I printed out the Sniper techniques and really cherish them. I also have printouts of the Google Adwords Course I did way back...

I have a new computer now and can't wait to get started....
Hackerist Premium
Your posts should be about your niche, not only about one product. It’s perfectly fine to compare your affiliate products to WA. Posts should have at least 1,000 words but posts with 2,000+ words are even better for SEO.
Stella741 Premium
Yes, I agree Tom....

I meant products related to my niche...I have too much content about my niche and not enough reviews...I've learnt from Littlemama that that is a costly mistake...

I tend to vary the post length though Anywhere between 800-2000 words.

Hackerist Premium
Sounds good, you are on the right track.
Bolupe Premium
Thank you for sharing. I have done this with one of the affiliate program, I wrote 2 reviews about their products and they are on page one google unfortunately, this affiliate program has rejected my application twice. They are the big dogs in the UK so I'm hoping that has my website grows, they will want to work with me.
EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

You are one in a million. Why?

Because you are willing to share things that didn't work for you to teach us how that can happen and what to do to counteract that result.

Your success in affiliate marketing is legendary as far as I am concerned. Thanks for the example.

The reverse engineering tip is also good to explore.