Making Money From Normal Life

Last Update: July 11, 2019

Of course, instead of being productive today, I'm busy on YouTube looking up silly things like how to juice plums.

Yeah, I'm just as good at wasting time as you guys :)

Luckily, I got something out of it, and I hope you can too.

While looking up how to juice plums (for a beer I'm making), I found a random YouTube channel with the info I needed. I hopped on over to her channel page, and saw a bunch of random things like 4th of July parades, food canning information, and gardening tips.

The content was NOT professional. The video was pretty low quality. There was no fancy graphics, editing, or "jump cuts". It was just a normal person, doing normal stuff, and putting up recordings on YouTube.

Can you see what I see? She has 40,000 subscribers!

With 8 years of content on her channel, I guarantee she's making a decent amount of money from the channel, and she posted content as recently as yesterday, so the channel is still growing strong.

You Don't Have To Be Amazing To Make Money Online

A lot of people get caught up in not being "the best". They think that because they aren't the next Pat Flynn or Neil Patel that they can't make money online.

It's just not true.

Regular people also like consuming content from other regular people online.

Even if you aren't perfect, you can still earn money from your website, YouTube channel, or ecommerce store.

It may take you longer, and you may make less money than "the experts", but who cares. Just because you don't make a million dollars doesn't make ten grand less valuable.

I'm not saying to aim low and go for small goals. I'm just saying that you can earn a decent living online just being yourself.

Can You Boil An Egg?

A video from this channel that has 7.3 thousand views is called "How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs". Was she the first person to make this kind of video? Absolutely not!

Another video, titled "Turkey Dinner from Food Storage", is just of her cooking food she previously canned.

It has 6,000+ views, and 105 Likes / 5 Dislikes.

Well, I better get back to work.

Just wanted to share this with you because it's a great example of how you can make money online just doing what you love.

It takes work. Those plums didn't juice themeslves. Those videos didn't get recorded and uploaded by themselves either.

You have to put in the work to earn, but the opportunities are out there.

Hope you have a produtive day!

PS. In case you didn't know already, people are earning ad revenue on YouTube just eating. Yup. It's called Mukbang, and you can see this one girl below has 1.1 million subscribers and got over 161,000 views just for eating Taco Bell.

What a crazy world of opportunity we live in.

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bosco50050 Premium
Starting something you have never done before never seems to come easy. We love the predictable. we are comfortable in what we have done. Just to choose a niche - I've procrastinated and changed my mind a zillion times. Somehow when you settle on one you decide it may not be the best. maybe it is not the right one. It is like when I went camping once and we had to cross a 3-foot ledge and most of the guys crossed it and I am standing there wondering if I could make it. everybody was hollering "yes you can - just do it" I inched forward and backward and finally someone pushed me and I had to jump and Lo behold I made it. Sometimes we need the push and at other times we just have to jump into it..even if it a mistake - it is not a loss - we would have learned something which is going to help us with the next step. Chicks have to break through their shells..butterflies have to break through their cocoons..grass find the gaps in concrete and push through..seeds push through the soil..we will have to push through too. Jen Sincero said " if you want to live a life you've never lived you have to do things you have never done"
Freedomseekr Premium
Great reminder Nathaniel! Yes, it sure is a crazy world of opportunity out there...especially on YouTube, lol.

You're so right, it might take awhile to get things going, but even if you think you're not perfect, just do it anyways. If you put in the effort enough times consistently things will start growing...and that cash will start flowing!

Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
HeidiY Premium
A co-worker was telling me about a channel he absolutely loves, the guy gets in his car turns on the dashcam and drives around the UK countryside for 20 - 30 minutes.

No voice over, no music, no into/outro just driving around. AND his videos get 10's of thousands of views!

He has no promotion to speak of, no emails saying "here's my new video", no chatbots or facebook page just posts on Youtube. My co-worker looks up this channel every weekend to watch the next video.

You just never know what will strike a cord with people, and yes it doesn't have to be perfect ... just get it done.
Mike177 Premium
Thanks for the like. When I clicked on your like message, it brought me back to your site where I re-read your post. It really brings home the idea that you don't have to be perfect to succeed with affiliate marketing. Your effort doesn't have to be perfect and all shining and flawless.
Thanks again for your perspective on this. It really makes sense.
MiaL Premium
Awesome reminder. I think a lot of people give up without giving things a good go because they don't think they special skills, or skills that aren't the best of the best. It just goes to show that anyone can do it, it just takes time and commitment.
skmorrow Premium
I am glad to know you don't have to be amazing to make money online, that's a relief.

This is sort of on topic, but my daughter is super into slime, making slime, playing with slime, all things slime. There are "slimers" with millions of followers on their Instagram accounts. So, yes, you can literally make money with just about any idea including glue and borax solution.

That reminds me, I need to make my first YouTube video!
Guagrintico1 Premium
Thank you for info, I am just trying to get going on my own path and it seems i have to many balls juggling at once and not enough time here yet, just got a reg schedule going that way i can get on a roll. How does your info help me? Well, it inspired me to know I can do it with just a little or lots of time.
Chris1970 Premium

I really like this post! What I like about it the most that you have given an example of what it is to be programmed for success!

Trust me, I do the same thing. Even though I work hard at educating myself as well as the productive action that puts it in motion, you do find yourself, at times, browsing on YouTube.

I am a YouTube head! But what happens is that when you are looking at something that you wouldn't think is beneficial to your business, because you have spent so much time conditioning your self for opportunity, you "find" things that resonate with the success you are pursuing... Does that make sense?

All the best,

jesagrace Premium
Puts it into perspective....for sure
BSFvictor Premium
"Making money from normal life. You Don't Have To Be Amazing To Make Money Online"
Shared :)
YanFellow Premium
Hey Nathan - awesome!

You're absolutely right, there is a world of opportunity out there :-)

Maybe I should try thinking of wacky ideas rather than sensible ones. Wonder how long Mukbang took to take off?

A frind of mine comes out with this saying every so often, which might apply here - No one went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public :-)

Good luck with your plumb beer

Carson2 Premium
Hey Nathan. Very true... a crazy world and much opportunity.
adanac4277 Premium
Hello Nathan! Food for thought. Some times it’s a simple thought that leads to success. Bob
Vasiliy Premium
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for sharing this. Just curious, how much do you think she earns from 40K subscribers on just display ads from YouTube?
EHozubin Premium
nathaniell - You never cease to amaze how easy it is for you to create on probably almost everything you see. I was looking at the blog picture, I wasn't looking at the big picture of friends, names & countrymen lend me your presence. Thank you very much.
AllanG2 Premium
Yes, that's very true, the opportunities are out there! Therefore, we just need to look and work, consequently as always been said, no work-no pay, no pain-no gain. :-D
ARJUN20 Premium
Alan Hocking Premium
Crazy but true!