How To Make Any Niche Better (Kids, Tech, Natural)

Last Update: February 26, 2018

Picking a niche can be hard! But in the couple years I've been online, I've had lots of good ideas, and see a large variety of websites work for other WA members. There are a few common threads I see from time to time, so I wanted to share those with you!

Here are some great ways to improve your current niche or just give you some direction! Just add these to your whatever the topic of your site is, and see what options turn up for product reviews and keyword rich blog posts.


Parents love their kids, and are willing to spend money on them to make them smarter, faster, happier, etc.

  • golf for kids
  • learning to code for kids
  • home gardening for kids
  • Video games...for kids (under 12)
  • Fashion for (overweight) kids


There's pretty much a tech version of everything out there. If there isn't yet, there will be. Did you know there's even a way to connect a fermenting beer to wifi so you can monitor its progress while you're away from the house?

  • new cooking and kitchen gadgets
  • health + fitness (tracking) tech
  • camping tech + gadgets
  • electronic and computer car mods
  • learning instruments for disabled people
  • smartphone + home integration


Everyone's on a health craze lately. Organic, natural, local...they're all huge money makers. Just look at Whole Foods. PS. Organic doesn't always have to be about food! Did you know that there's organic and non organic yeast? It depends on what they feed the yeast to grow them!

  • organic cooking on a budget
  • organic/natural makeup
  • organic baby clothes
  • natural cleaners/pesticides to use around the house
  • natural body building

I hope you found these tips useful. If you think of any other general ways to further drill down some niches across the board, let us know in the comments below :)

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AHohaia Premium
Hi Nathaniell, I love reading your blogs and cup of coffee webpage. I think you've got the gift of the gap. Anyhow I am still in the process of finding my niche . I am thinking to write about healthy living and to implement fermented food , natural skincare, recipes etc . Is this to broad ? Any thoughts are much appreciated . Thanks Anke
Pio Premium
Healthy living is quite a broad niche, but if you have a website that you have in your main menu 'fermented food' "natural skincare products", Organic recipes" and you write posts specifically about eg each kind of healthy fermented food; each kind of natural skin products, and each kind of organic recipes, I'm sure you will attract more and more traffic for those posts. Try and search on Jaaxy those words fermented food, natural skin products, organic recipes etc etc. to get some ideas of how many searches for those keywords to know their popularity in searches. Also search what kinds of fermented food, natural skin products, organic food recipes etc. Also depends on whether you have the passion to talk about those areas etc.
AHohaia Premium
Thank you Pio; I guess a broad niche gives quite a few options in terms of evolving the webpage over time. I will have a think of how to tackle it and definitely do more research . Will use Jaaxy for sure.
Pio Premium
That's right Ahohaia! Just like my domain where Kyle said it's broad but it would be good to focus on a specific solution at first but over time could evolve to cover solutions for other problem areas, where you can specifically talk about anything as long as it's got more searches etc.
You really have a knack for this stuff! :p
HPearson Premium
Thanks for those helpful ideas. After I get these 2 sites off the ground, and I figure out what I'm doing, I think I'll choose a couple from your list.
MBrownie Premium
Great tips. Is that your cat? I think he may be living a bit too much of the high life. We do love to spoil our pets!
kmer6 Premium
Thank you for the new ideas.
Danswa Premium
Enjoyed this post and some of these niche's look like a gold mine!
Christabelle Premium
These are some great tips Nathaniell! :)
Garden77 Premium
Love the blog, you and I can't get away from technology that easily. Cheers
FlorenceKi Premium
Great ideas. Guess I'll choose one from here. Thanks.
JewelCarol Premium
Very good tips, fantastic, I am looking to see what can excite me now to blog, lol. Thanks so much sharing, Nathaniel. :))
lewhat7 Premium
Good article! I don't have anything to add, but I am certainly going to
take note of what you wrote. You've given me a great start, as I have
limited knowledge relative to niches. Keep up the good work!
SupportWorx Premium
Good ideas N..
mrwood Premium
Wonderful post Nathan! I am glad to have a guy like you teaching us with you opinion. After reading it, my mind opens to an all new world of ideas.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,

AlejandraB Premium
Great post Nathaniel, I also enjoy your posts, this one gives great ideas, thanks for sharing
caterinamac Premium
Hi there Nathaniel,
I always enjoy your posts,they are informative and interesting.
I often go back over them especially your early ones.
Is this now your major business?
Thanks for all the info it has been a great help.
Cheers Ate
IanC1 Premium
Thanks Nathaniell
SamiWilliams Premium
Interesting information. I also find the fact that you have been her at WA since 2010 quite encouraging.
hmasters Premium
Food for the mind. Thanks for this little feast Nathaniell.
Darwyn Premium
Thanks for this Nathaniell, thinking outside the box. Lesson learnt. Broaden your horizons.
SowAndReap Premium
I can relate to the children one, I'm sucker and will spend money on them. A lot of time it's been wasted money. Lol I had no idea wifi brewing thing. Lol Wow
Judy-B Premium
Very helpful as always, Nathaneill. Thank you. :) Love the pic of the "fluffy" kitty. lol
nathaniell Premium
Haha. Just a funny pic I had tucked away!
MEBusiness Premium
Very informative post!!!
Larry_T Premium
Very good post full of great info.
ngraddon Premium
Good information Nathaniel
LisB247 Premium
Hi Nathaniell, Thank you, that helped to give me a few ideas.

Prestones Premium
Sooo... the gist of your blog is how to become a fat cat? <chuckle>

Nicely done Nathaniell!

dickw Premium
Thank you Nathaniell. Some good stuff to work with.
SStarrs Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Laketrade Premium
Great ideas thank you
Thanks for this stuff
deos331557 Premium
Thanks Nathaniel, I had noticed that there are keywords that you can expand on by adding words like beginner to and improve results. You have given me some new ideas that should help.
gohealthy Premium
Thank you for your great share Nathaniell. Appreciate your insights!
mjdimarco Premium
Thanks Nathaniell. Good ideas!
Whizbang Premium
Thanks Nathaniell, very useful information and some good ideas!
pinkabella Premium
Thanks for these tips they are really useful. I would never of thought of organic baby clothes or cleaning products.
TanjaRita Premium
Thanks for sharing! I almost feel like my niche might be too narrow. I like some of your ideas for kids, but unfortunately they don't fit with my niche.
NRomney Premium
Thanks for taking the time to share these tips.
solidbase Premium
Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us.
Much appreciated.
JeanL Premium
Thanks, Nathaniell. Great ideas!
MoritzS Premium
Excellent advice.
I recently published a post aimed at kids/parents and will continue doing so.
Will keep the other ideas in mind, too.
partnerit Premium
Thanks Nathan. I'm in the muscle building niche and also had some reasonable success in the past in this niche. I have noticed there are a lot of tech gadgets now related to health, that track your health, monitor your progress in the gym, etc, so I was thinking it would be worth adding a section to my site to recommend gadgets that are exercise and fitness related. There are plenty of affiliate products on Amazon to promote in this area, plus apps for the iphone, etc
gannet Premium
Great Ideas Nathan, I love the Organic part more, as there is a need to go back to the organic structure so that we and our world can sustain more longer
lesuma Premium
Thanks Nataniell.
Is that a contented cat?
More great ideas and talking points for us all at WA, but I must find more time to follow WA training, to create my own website(s) and begin to supplement my pension as soon as possible.
ClydeB Premium
Great ideas Nathaniell! I will definetly use these on improving my niche! Thank you for this
DLansing Premium
Great idea generation, thanks for sharing Nathaniell!
MsalichumaG Premium
Good adeas
cm2108 Premium
Another great post! Thank you for once again Nathaniell!