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Hello! I just returned to WA in November. I had gotten busy with college and then graduated but took up two part-time jobs to cover the bills. I have finally created a manageable routine so I decided to resume my efforts towards developing a successful website that will provide me with some extra income to help pay my student loans. My first goal is to bring in enough to cover my month internet and WA membership dues.

I have been pretty active the past couple of weeks and am planning on maintaining an increased activity through December as my girlfriend is out of town for the holidays and I have just about gotten a handle on my work load. I just posted my first training tutorial for WA so I would really appreciate any constructive feedback. Here is the link:


Also I am updating my blog with my present activities on a regular basis so you can track my progress that way. I noticed the forums seem pretty empty these days so blogging seems to be the way to go!

If you need any constructive criticism on content or design feel free to hit me up as I enjoy writing and have always been quite good at it. Also I will be relying on you folks for criticism and feedback so feel free to jump in any time and comment or answer the questions in my blog posts.

Thanks for visiting my profile and best of luck to you in your online endeavors!
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jpogrins Premium
Welcome... this is the real deal... it takes time and persistence but if you've gotten through a couple of years in college you already have what it takes to make it here! Good luck!
Spanky Premium
Welcome to the WA community. Enjoy your IM education.
smokeywins Premium
Welcome to WA!
webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. There's lots of information here at WA so don't let it overwhelm you. Start by taking the training in the Training Center. I also suggest going to potpiegirls blog. You will find info there that will get you started including some videos. Then go to either magistudio's blog or up to the Wabinars and go to the two videos I feel will jump start you in the right direction. There entitled An Affiliate Walk through 1 & 2. Enjoy and MUCH SUCCESS.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family