First 15 Days in WA

Last Update: February 07, 2016

I have reached Course 2, Lesson 10 on my 15th day as a premium member in WA. My past experience on starting a home based business (online) unfortunately only ended up in losing my investment and also my confidence level. I wondered if I could manage establishing one.

When I found WA, I thought what the heck. Just join, it's free. Anyway I was already searching for affiliate programs. Prior to joining WA I did enroll with another affiliate affiliate program university but unfortunately I found the difficulties in integrating domain, hosting and setting up my website because there were no in house facilities. I loss 2 months of fees, s**t.

But I am glad I never gave up and finally landed in WA.

My WA experience for the first 15 days

I joined WA on 20th January 2016 ranked 760+, I became premium member on 22 January 2016 and today I am ranked 684. This is a big motivational factor for me.

I have maintained a monthly fee structure till today, paid for domain at WA and used the keyword tool to get this far. I intend to fulfill my monthly commitment at least for 6 months to see a substantial amount of revenue to cover my monthly premium fees and also pay for my enterprise jaaxy account. I am looking forward to the day I can afford jaaxy.

I have a website now, which I developed on my own. If you visit my website today (7th February 2016 you would see I have the domain, theme, 6 pages, 9 post, a number of categories, a few constructive comments from my fellow WA, have images on my pages and post, got a professional looking email and had I had 3 social media plug ins (twitter, G+ and FB). I know I had my SEO up an running but I have not focused on driving huge traffic yet. I have also not integrated any affiliate products to sell, including WA until today because I wanted to build my website, a few plug ins and most importantly content.

I couldn't had done this anywhere else in such a short time and by my own!

Difficulties I have had so far in WA was minimal. Any additional information I wanted, there was additional tutorial or WA members helping me to the answers. If you dig deep enough in WA, you will find.

My advice for anyone reading this post, when you start in WA only focus on the green button "Get Started Here". Do not go to deep into tutorials / classroom and avoid "Affiliate Bootcamp". I made a mistake starting bootcamp after I finished Course 1 and lost 2 days of work. Stay on track only with "Get Started Here" and you will see your foundation taking shape. Even if you want to sell WA Affiliate program, build you foundation first. Note of advice: Your keyword must focus on a niche that is related to WA Affiliate.

The last 15 days a number of times I got distracted with upgrades, offers. I try ignoring them and succeed in ignoring them...sorry Kyle and Carson :). In due time I will commit.

I must thank both of you for giving us this platform to realize our online dream. I can confirm you guys have the best platform I have visited on the internet. I really hope this will be the platform for me.

I wish everyone reading this the best of luck. To know more about me please visit my About Me page:

All the best and Keep in touch by following me here in WA.

Nasrat Star

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sharon22 Premium
Very good advice Nasrat. Thank you.
NasratStar Premium
Hi Sharon22,
I am glad you found the advice good. Wish you all the best. See you at the top. Cheers
2Al Premium
Good advice especially to new members.
NasratStar Premium
Hello 2AI,
Thanks for stopping by to read and for your confirmation my blog will be helpful to new members. I have followed you and hope to have you in my network. Best of luck.
paulgoodwin Premium
Hi and a piece of advice - when you have finished one module go back and do it again because you will have missed something - I did everything three times and I am still learning three months later !!
NasratStar Premium
Hi Paul,
Thanks for a great advice. I will do that and encourage others to do it too. Have an awesome day.
NemiraB Premium
It seems that you are doing well. Congrats with it and all the best here in WA:)
NasratStar Premium
Hi NemiraB,
Thanks for your comment. Your encouragement will spur me to do better. I wish you all the best. Keep in touch. Have an awesome day.