Blonde or brunette?

Last Update: April 24, 2016

I find I get bored with having grey hair and I hope someday the grey will reach silver. If anyone has a product they use as to how to get nice silvery hair, let me know! My salt and pepper is okay. Sometimes we just need change to get a boost.

This colour is called blue steel.

I love turquoise. I think it would be fun now that I don't have to worry about what conservative clients might think.

So is this blog far enough away from talking about business?

Just typing what was on my mind!

What is on your mind today?

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Loes Premium
My mind is fertilizing grey hair ;) When I would highlight some hair tresses I would go for purple:)
Narda Premium
That is hilarious! What a great outlook.
JudeP Premium
I've just had highlights, a great disguise for all the grey for me lol :)
Narda Premium
Now I know why the WA community is my favourite. So many ladies I can really relate with here about all of the fun things we go through as we age. ~ Narda ~
Sui_generis Premium
Blonde blends with gray. Just a thought. :-) ~Debbi
Narda Premium
You are right. Highlights are a great trick.