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Last Update: Jan 10, 2022

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For several weeks I'd been experiencing some uncharacteristic tiredness throughout my day, even when I first awoke. I couldn't figure out why it was happening, and it was affecting my productivity as well as my general disposition.

I guess it was a couple of days ago that it occured to me that the WiFi we use here in our home could be the culprit. As a matter of fact, our WiFi box was literally just about a foot or two away from where I sleep!

I brought this up to my fiance, Daryle, and he immediately took action. We moved our WiFi box to another room altogether.

Well, I can happily report that this has made a huge difference for me! I'm rested in the morning when I wake up and my attitude is so much better now. I'm getting more accomplished during my day, too.

Here is a link to some more information, in case you'd like to research further.

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There are so many electronic signals passing through our bodies these days! Reading your post made me realize that I have not turned my phone off at night like I usually do, and my sleep has definitely gotten worse. I am glad you figured out this problem and are doing better!

Yeah, I am too! It's amazing what a difference it made to move our WiFi box. It was practically immediate!

Thanks, Jeremy :-)

I can relate, friend. I thought I was going crazy when I was at a relative's house, sleeping over. There was a wifi router next to my head. I've never experienced so much restlessness, even though I was tired from traveling.

I knew that it can cause interference if it's close to you, but never had experienced it as I had on that day. So, I reached over and unplugged it. I slept like a baby. Lol!

I agree. Those waves can interfere with our well-being if we're too close to the source.

The same goes for phones. Now, I know why mostly those young ones and some adults would look so miserable the next day. Haha!

Those waves are not meant to be within arms' reach, especially around our heads when resting. Thanks for sharing something that I had experienced also. All the best!

Hi, John!

I, too, had read of the issues wifi can cause, but I never dreamed I'd experience them first-hand! And, as noted below, some people just don't think such things are real, so I figured it could be of help to others if I wrote about it.

Fortunately, I've not had any trouble with using my phone.

All the best to you, too!


I'm glad to hear that did the trick for you, Margaret! Very awesome, indeed!


And such a relief, too 😊

Thanks, Jeff!

I'll bet it is, Margaret!


That's interesting. I remember reading a story about how testicular cancer was occurring disproportionately with police officers, especially motorcycle traffic cops. They finally discovered that these officers were holding their radar guns between their legs when they weren't using them because there wasn't a convenient way to stow them on the motorcycle. It turned out that they were exposing their "parts" to microwaves emitted by the radar guns.


Hmmm—some people would find that a bit ironic, but I sure hope they found a solution to that, Terry. Interesting, indeed!

Yes, ironic is one way of putting it...

They did find a solution - stop holding the bloody gun between your legs! lol



Hopefully they found a convenient way to store it, too ;-)

Good to know Margaret.
A friend of mine has said this for years but I've always ignored her.
Perhaps there is some truth in it after all.

You’re so welcome, Bux 👍

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