A Valuable Entry to My Site, Thanks to Canva!

Last Update: Dec 1, 2021

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As I continue to add to my website, I've developed some new ideas and, going along with that, a new question. The question this time around was regarding adding captions to pictures. I want to thank, with all my heart, #emminentcopy (Muslimah) and #Aussiemuso (Lily) for suggesting Canva! It was a bit of a challenge to learn exactly how to use this valuable tool for the purpose I had in mind, but thanks to the tutorial videos available on Canva, as well as a quick Google search, it didn't take long at all. The photo you see above is the result of the excellent suggestions I received, and I don't mind saying that I'm pretty proud of myself for mastering this one item.

So if you need to show consecutive steps in preparing anything, I, too, suggest using Canva. I've only begun to delve into the many tools available there, and for now, I can use it for free! There's a paid version available, and time will tell if I'll ever need it.

Recent Comments


That' awesome, Margaret! Well done!


Jeff, I appreciate your boost 😊

You're very welcome, Margaret! The website is going to look great with this new format!


Jeff, thank you 😊

Oh yes!
The lovely Canva
This is a tool that I now use everyday
Not sure how I managed without it before

Lovely, lovely images. Your customers will really enjoy and interact well with your images

Thank you, Simone! I’m grateful that I have this resource so early in my affiliate journey 😊

It is awesome ;)

Glad you find a way around Canva; it's a great tool.
However, you may not need the premium version as you can achieve a lot with the free plan.

I appreciate you so much, Muslimah! Thanks again for your suggestion :-)

You are welcome, Margaret.

Canva is awesome. I have used it quite a bit.

I believe I'll be using it quite a bit, too, Keith. I'm doing a recipe site, and showing the progression of the recipe steps will be very helpful :-)

*** Yes, Awesome!! ... :)) ***

Thank you, ma'am!

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