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Last Update: August 22, 2017

Hello to The Wealthy Affiliate community and the new members I always been health and fitness when together or hand to hand. I was have stage 4 colon cancer,but I was going to Planted Fitness before the Dr's told be what was going on inside my body I know something was right and my body was letting me know but I didn't listen to my wife way before to get a full check and I was hard headed didn't go and get the full check and blood work. I sharing this men and women to get your colon check up and blood work the Dr's can tell a lot about our body with the blood work I am doing much better and I am going for my 4th chemo treatment and get another pa-scan to see how much the tumor is smaller and I want have to do radiation treatment which I don't want to go through, because it can take a hit on my body, so I need people who believe in pray to lift me up in your prays. I know God will pull me through this,because he didn't bring me my wife this far 20yrs of marriage to let me go now I still got a lot to do for the Lord Who Is I and My Wife Personal Saver,AMEN!!!

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Rich908 Premium
I just turned 70. I eat well and get plenty of exercises. A lot has to do with having a Positive Mental Attitude.

I wish you well

GlenPalo Premium
Richard, your cake is on fire. Happy belated birthday.
Rich908 Premium
And so am I
Linda3Adams Premium
Keep on keeping on!
God bless you.
jsco2289 Premium
DebbieRose Premium
I certainly belive in prayers and you will be in my prayers today. I'm believing in a full recovery. God bless. Debbie
RandyL1 Premium
My blessings to you!

mwjr68 Premium
Listen to your body it will let you know when something wrong I didn't I hope this will save somebody life, God Bless:))))