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August 22, 2017
Hello to The Wealthy Affiliate community and the new members I always been health and fitness when together or hand to hand. I was have stage 4 colon cancer,but I was going to Planted Fitness before the Dr's told be what was going on inside my body I know something was right and my body was letting me know but I didn't listen to my wife way before to get a full check and I was hard headed didn't go and get the full check and blood work. I sharing this men and women to get your colon check up an
August 21, 2017
Did you enjoying looking at the eclipse I look at on ABC News my neighbor travel the mountains to get a better view of the total eclipse a lot of people from all over the world to the eclipse
August 08, 2017
The reason I say this a very difference World we are living in today not much Love out here people are taking each others life today more than ever I and my wife have be very careful.People don't have any respect for older people in my day we respect older people and women etc.We have love each other like we love our body and show more love for everyone don't matter what the color of there skin or nationality.Because God So Love The World That He Gave His Only Son To Die For All of Us on The Cr
Don't let nobody steal your dream,because this is what they do if we let it happens they don't want to have the best things in life like you.My friends and family have always been negative instead of positive I didn't listen to my family and friends I did what was in my heart and with a peace of mind this made me happy.You will never be successful in life if you listen to negative people they is not going anywhere they want to hold you back with them I hope this help someone make their mind to
I have find in my life that you have to have positive attitude about life that you want to be in life.It do not matter want background you are from this come from within your heart to do the right in life.I find even my on family I and my brother is like day and night doing what my mother said. To him I quest I was more afraid of her then he was so I obeyed her and did what she said.What I am saying is that you can't make a person do what they don't want to do good luck with that.The old saying
I and my wife love connecting and mentoring to people who is willing to learn from somebody that know what they talking about and don't mind sharing with others.I am more happy when I have help someone along the way I know if you do good deeds is that will come back around to you not the same way you might think it will mostly another way.I have always been honest online or offline.