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Last Update: February 10, 2016

Well, it's been eight days now since I joined WA and what a ride so far! I've learned and done so much in the last eight days I may have to refer back to some of the previous lessons just to retain everything I am learning.

In the first week, I have invested just over fifty hours learning, creating and researching how to build a website, creating content for the site etc, etc. But there are a few stumbling blocks that I feel will slow me down, and I can't have that.

"Research & Development" seem to be a challenge - Finding pertinent data and then re-structuring, or re-wording the content (Which takes hours to do!). Also, I don't know the first thing about creating "Reviews". How does one go about creating great reviews if one doesn't have first-hand knowledge or personal experience on the item/subject that's to be reviewed? I imagine that's another lesson somewhere down the road.

Anyways, all things considered, I think I am progressing at a normal rate. The learning curve is very high and I am absorbing as much as I can. I hope to hear from everyone, well not everyone, and I could use your input on my question about research and reviews.

If you want a glance of my website and leave any comments, you will find it at:



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dunbar Premium
Hi Mark content is my real grief I am just scared to even get started,so I know how you feel hope all gets better
synaptik Premium
Hi Musicman. My belief is that some things can be learned quickly and others take a lifetime to master. The process of starting up a website has been made relatively easy with Site Rubix, but I reckon that researching and writing good quality content is something that only comes with lots and lots of practice.
I like the concept of your site. And as an Irishman, it's amusing to read your take on St. Patrick's Day. :) I've yet to try any of those Irish drinks, but maybe this year...
All the best!
Musicman63 Premium
Thanks for the input. I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and as you say, "Lots and lots of practice".