Glad GDPR Stuff Is Finally Done

Last Update: May 27, 2018

Is anyone else totally relieved that all the stress of GDPR coming is over? It was a lot of work, but it definitely made all of our sites more transparent to privacy and that obviously was the goal.

I forsee US regulations chaning in the near future following footsteps of GDPR. Hopefully, they can make it very similar to the same rules or more lenient as to not cause small entrepreneurs like us such headaches!

Rant over LOL! I would make this blog post longer, but I already cranked out a 1000 word article this morning so my fingers are kind of tired. Content is king, and I want to get ranked.

Have a great Sunday my friends!

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Fleeky Premium Plus
Stress is less
BUt still stress
dragonfly10 Premium Plus
Is there a privacy page set up for this? I have not been keeping up on this subject.
Thanks, Sandy
Kyoko817 Premium
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