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Last Update: March 07, 2014

For the last couple of weeks I have been going over my earlier articles on my website and revamping them by adding new information or revising them based on the training and articles by members.

This weekend I am going to revise my WA Review. With that in mind, I would like your help. I would like you to comment below concerning your experience with WA. You can be brutally honest. This article will be used in my review of WA.

First in your comment tell me how long you have been affiliated with WA. Second, are you promoting WA or affiliate marketing products or marketing your products or services or are you writing blogs. Third, tell me what your overall experience has been with WA in a two or more sentences. Is there anything else you want to add? Anything exceptional you want to tell. Have you experienced any difficulties and were they resolved and how.

I appreciate you taking the time to leave your comments below. Enjoy your weekend.

Thank you!


Published March 7, 2014

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TJ7774 Premium
I have been with WA for coming up 6 months. Am I proud of what I have accomplished? Yes and No. Never in my life did I think I would be working on a website, writing content and promoting affiliates. I wish I would have more accomplished at this point, but with full time work, a long daily commute, and trying to keep up with other things life throws my way, it can be hard. With that being said, the community, the learning and all that I have achieved helped me to make a huge decision. In 2 weeks I am no longer going to be working full time. I plan on getting a casual job close to home for the reason that I can't stay in my house all day, but my main focus is going to be my sites. I currently just promote affiliates and blog about rock n' roll music- which has been a TON of fun, but I have an idea for a product and as soon as I am unemployed I will be starting to work on it. Without the support of this amazing community, who are always willing to lend a hand and give insight, I wouldn't be at this point. I re-discovered my love for writing, and have been doing it almost daily- not just on my site.
I would never say a bad thing about this place.
WrightA Premium
Debbie I have been with WA for about 6 weeks and have a niche site that is well on its way. I chose a niche with high competition so I am having to really work hard at it. My experience with WA has been great. My questions are responded to and my blogs get a lot of comments. Everyone is more than willing to check out each other's sites and critique them. What I really love is that we work together and encourage each other rather than try to compete to see who is more successful.
Karyskis Premium
I have been with WA for three months. I have a niche site that is well on its way and as of a few days ago, I bought a domain for my Bootcamp classes and WA promotion. The community, the training, the live weekly webinars are invaluable. I didn't even know what a domain, WP, SEO, affiliates, Google Analytics was. Now, I can almost speak intelligently about these issues and LOVE everything about WA and what I've learned.
KatieMac Premium
Hi Debbie I have been with WA around 6 weeks now, and in that time I have learned so much and will continue to do so, not just from Kyle but from the wealth of knowledge a lot of members have. It
Jen090 Premium
HI Debbie, ok I'll start the ball rolling. I joined WA on 27 Dec. 2013. I basically write blogs, but at the same time give advise related to my niche. My experience with WA has been the best as far as IM is concerned. I was able to create my website in approximately 4 weeks. I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of the community and Kyle's online courses. The technical issues are quickly answered. The highlight of my experience is sharing stories with the community, applying the good values in life, and pursuing the dream of having the freedom to do what we want, and spending more time with our loved ones, through affiliate marketing.