Crazy Moon Monday

Last Update: March 09, 2020

Happy CrAzY Moon Monday WAmily!

This post won't be all about the moon but considering today's super moon I figured I'd talk about it at least a little.

It helps that I absolutely love the moon! Such a gorgeous light in the sky and it's beautiful to look at, too!

The only thing I don't like about the full moon is how my kids attitudes change for the worst EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's a real thing, how they say that full moons affects people's behavior. Have any of you noticed a change in anyone's behavior during a full moon? Maybe your own behavior or that you feel "different" for a couple days?

I always feel a little more agitated than usual but that could also be because my kids behaviours are less than cute during the full moon lol

The moon is full of mysteries! It's probably one of the reasons I am so intrigued by it.

Ok, off the subject of the moon now, even though I could go on for a long, long time about the moon. Lol

Good news, we didn't end up getting that snow storm that I was talking about in the last post.. YET! They did end up pushing it back to later on in the week but we'll see, maybe mother nature will spare us again!

I have moved up 2 points in rank so I'm happy about that! Finally out of the 80s and sitting at 78 now! Not a huge leap but every bit counts :)

Not so great news, I didn't end up finishing my new content yet but I didn't know if end up writing so much! It's going to be a good one so I don't mind how long it's taking me, as long as it gets done and done right. I'm really hoping to have it done tonight though. Then I'm moving onto a review to break up the content writing.

Well, that's all for today! I hope you all had a wonderful start to the week! :)

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Firefli20 Premium
Great blog I enjoyed reading about the moon. I like the moon as well. I think the way the moon pulses on the earth stretching it, could be the reason for changed attitudes. If it affects the Ocean tides I think it's powerful enough to affect us. Take care and keep blogging. Deb
MRRSP Premium
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

You're exactly right! I read that the moon affects us the same way it affects the oceans because our bodies are mostly made of water. It's fascinating! ☺️

Thank you for your comment, Deb!

Twack Premium
Yep, with you on the 'changes' that happen around the full moon. The dogs are normally a little more feisty, though this time they were quite chilled.
I find th eatmosphere becomes a tad more oppressive, which inturn does make me feel slightly more agitated, like I waiting for something to happen.
MRRSP Premium
Yup, it's funny the way it works. I find it very interesting. ☺️

Never in a million years did I think a full moon affected anything. I actually didn't know how it affected bodies of water (oceans, etc) either till I looked it up a few years ago.

Since our bodies are mostly made up of water, that's how it affects us, too.
Maxcru Premium
Melissa sister moon means a lot to the nation it controls pretty much everything, I like your post, never feel like your rambling on just remember your post is your post, whatever you want to say put on your post. The moon was wonderful just remember a lot of people don't have your in site thank you for your post
MRRSP Premium
Thank you 😊

You're right, I just felt like I might be boring some people if they don't like "moon facts". Sometimes I forget that if people aren't liking what they read that they don't have to read it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Ross57 Premium
Working in age care, we were trained about the effects on the elderly on full moon night and thought what a load of

Once I started the staff then warned me, and I still thought how bad can it be well first full moon I worked it was a nightmare and so full-on I leant my lesson from that and was prepared the next time.

MRRSP Premium
I thought it was a load of poop too! My mom always told me about it because she works in a school of over 300 kids and she said there was a huge difference during a fool moon. It's not until I had my second daughter that I really saw the effects first hand.

I guess we both learnt the hard way, eh?
SAWalden Premium
Hi Melissa,

I would guess since it is the moon that affects the behavior of the oceans to create tides it would stand to reason it would affect our behavior.

My husband swears the moon affects his mood (I can't say I've noticed!) and dreads a full moon - he works in a hospital and it seems he has the most difficult patients during a full moon.

As for me, I'm like you - I love the moon! When I was a kid growing up in Houston with NASA, moon posters covered my bedroom walls! (I would have them now if I wasn't afraid of what people would say!)

Maybe the full moon can do something to keep that snow away!
MRRSP Premium
Yes, apparently it's something about our bodies being made up of mostly water, it affects us like it affects the oceans.

I've heard of how bad psychiatric wards are during full moons, apparently hospitals are absolutely terrifying during full moons and police have said they receive more calls, too.

Oh wow! You're lucky to have grown up with NASA so close! ☺️ Put your posters in your bedroom! Then people won't see them 😉

Whatever happened to keep the snow away, I am super happy about it!