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As an update to this post, I now have not one but two, Google Page #1, Position #0, #1, and #2 placements. The Amazing Niche Master has finally moved ahead of Masters Programs!

If anyone wants proof that the Wealthy Affiliate System works for creating content, refer them this way. It does work!

I tried to be subtle with my last post. I hope you all enjoyed my meandering voyage to discover HARPA.
Abie nothing gets past you! - Thank You

The Not So Little Secret

Google once said that 95% of blogs fail.

I am beating the odds. I am celebrating being part of the 5% that hasn't failed.

My path within niche blogging has not been an easy one. My experience is rife with time challenges. Mistakes like killing my website to the point of needing a reset, to shiny new object adventures that distract me for days on end. The most important, though, these challenges all lead to learning opportunities. I am still learning to avoid most time killers. ->->-> SQUIRREL!!

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June of last year, my aim was not to just create another average blog. You know the type I mean, those that are rushed hoping for quick visitors and easy wins. Instead, I set out on a goal to develop a blog that provides me with extra income for retirement. I am one step closer.

Look Closer, Closer, Closer... Let it Hit You!

From Curiosity to Google Page 1, Position 1, Featured Snippet

Achieving the top position in Google search results, especially achieving a featured snippet in the number one spot, is no fluke. It serves as another trophy for the Wealthy Affiliate Training system. This works.

My ability to research my niche, and simplify the complex is a definitive indication that my content is not merely well-written but truly exceptional concerning relevance to Mastering Niche Blogging for Retirement. This is the link for the Google Search.

The Power of Curiosity - By always learning and staying hungry for knowledge, I kept improving my blog. The idea was that each piece of content had to be better than the last. A Curious Mind leads to ... Johnny Rivers.

Curious Mind - Johnny Rivers (Decent Video)

Distractions are all around us. But all of this is possible when you create content for your readers that addresses pain points or answers curiosities. Lead your audience to high-quality, insightful, and genuinely helpful information. It does work.

I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can inspire you to chase that Google Page 1, Position 1 spot for your blog.

Remember, choose something that resonates with you and your target audience. Be authentic, remain patient, consistent, and most importantly, keep that curiosity flame burning.

The path to Google's coveted featured snippet isn't just about what you do today; it's how you adapt and grow your content strategy continuously for the future.

They say the first time is always the biggest challenge and the hardest to a.

I love a challenge how about you?

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Similar story to you. I'm 61 and have been working hard for a while, but intensely starting this year. i have to become self-sustainable to live the lux life in retirement. Husband lost his retirement and disabled after an accident. So...it's up to me. I'm up for this challenging success journey too!

Congrats on the index!!!!!


The Gray Apocalypse is real. There are so many people caught in this predicament. You and I are not alone. Living on Social Security is a reality that many face or work until they can't. I had a great retirement invested in the company that I worked for. It went bankrupt and out the window went a great portion of my retirement, fortunately not all.

Now it's 60 hours a week to make ends meet and The Amazing Niche Master to the rescue.

I believe in the training, the traffic will pick up, and money will follow. It already has slightly.

I look forward to following your success. We will get there.

Keep the faith.

I love this post. I love your style. I love your story. I read your "about me" page on your site.

Congrats on your page 1 achievements!

I guess you're an old-timer like me. :-) I can only wonder how many others here have any idea who Johnny Rivers is.

He's a classic! I sing his song "Secret Agent Man" in karaoke bars whenever I can.




I am glad that you like my style. My daughter always said that I ha e a talent for writing.

I'm a young 60, looking to avoid my Gray Apocalypse. When I started last year I gave myself a 5 year plan to reach self suffiency. Step one. build a quality website. Garner traffic to my website, prove the WA works, and make money promoting the knowledge gained from. WA.

I feel as though I am slightly behind schedule, but I am limited by only having two hours a day that I can dedicate to it. I steal time on occasion.
But the JOB takes way more time that I want it to have, but I still need to pay the bills.

My mission is in front of me should I choose to accept it. This message will self destruct in 10 seconds........... BOOM!

It was my late mother who encouraged me to start writing when I was a teen. I've been doing it ever since.

I'm a young 70 looking to avoid my gray apocalypes as well.

Looks like we have a lot in common, right down the line.

Keep doing what you're doing.

The Gray Apocalypse will be eliminated if I ha e anything to do with it.

I'm with you. So far, so good.

Hi Donald,

That's awesome! I'm glad that you made this significant achievement in your online business journey.

That's always the goal for us as bloggers- to land at the top of page 1 of Google. I had that accomplishment during my first year as a blogger- it's well worth it.

That's amazing! Keep up the great work, and don't give up now. Use that to keep going and get better.

All the best,



Like you, I have reached this pinnacle within the first year. In fact, I just looked and have now duplicated this feat.

The Amazing Niche Master is also Google Position #0, and #1, #2 ahead of the Masters Programs.

Keep grinding.!


Thanks, Frank,

I like Position ZERO even more. When you scroll down that list, you will notice that 7-10 are mine. One is a "shared post" that got traction, but it is my post.

The second prong of my campaign is The Amazing Niche Master. This keyword has the Top 3 positions on Google.

The third prong is The Gray Apocalypse. This is currently 4th behind an obscure book with a similar name. I had started on this path before knowing that there was a book. A quick review by BING, ChatGPT, and BARD agreed that I could keep going with The Gray Apocalypse as my moniker for the Retirement Savings Crisis.

Google says I know Niche Blogging, Niche Picking, and soon-to-be the solution for The Gray Apocalypse.

Men Make Plans and God Laughs!

BTW - Spyro Gyra is playing in the background

All very impressive accomplishments, Donald! 👍👍

Keep moving forward! 😎

I love Spiro Gyra and have everything they ever did, pre-streaming era, on CD. I'm keeping my album, cassette, and 8-track tape collection for when the streaming apocalypse comes. Lol 😂🤣

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

Hi Donald

Big congrats! 👍👍😎

It appears that your setting points dot com article that was also featured by you on medium dot com is in Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Always check your rankings in a Google incognito window.

By the way: The Google featured snippet is position zero.

Frank 🎸

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