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The two of us have a similar outlook on life - find the beauty in it wherever we can!

We both have decent jobs, but like most people, we see that there is always room for improvement.

We're working towards creating a more beautiful life together, and we truly believe the Wealthy Affiliate University can contribute towards achieving our goals. We've been members a very short time but have already found SO MUCH useful information here. It's clear to us that when applied correctly, the techniques can and will definitely generate income.

We look forward to sharing our success with you all!

See the beauty. Create the beauty. Share the beauty.

Mr & Mrs Black
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Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
dandk Premium
Hello.... David & Katsue From Japan!

How are you doing? One step at a time...

Welcome to W.A. and this is a place for all levels of online Marketers. "Newbies" no need to panic any more!

I work in W.A part time and I work it at my own pace, get the understanding, then I apply what I have learned here...
Then I work it until it works for me...

Few things to help you
1.Do not feel pressured or be in a hurry.

2.Take it one day at a time.

3.Use the forum and ask questions if you need help.

4.Go through the 8 week action plan and take your time and apply what you learn

5.Remember: This is a real business, do not try to make the quick cah Mentality and then Quit when it does not seem to work out.

6. Remember: People have to work the programs, people have to work their business.

7.You Can Make It Happen.

8.Stop program hopping.

9.Smile it will work out for you.


Pressing Forward & Not Looking Back!
David & Katsue
Curtisnh Premium
Hi and welcome to WA. Looks like you are answering in your own buddy talk area. You have to click on the pic of who you want to answer and write into their buddy talk area. Glad to have you aboard. Curtis
MrAlaska Premium
Welcome to WA MrBlack. Look forward to getting to know you in the comming weeks and months.
MrBlack Premium
Thanks for the welcome and the gold dude.