Remember to take a little time for you.

Last Update: July 02, 2017

Hi, everybody.

I decided I needed to write this for everybody because we all get involved in the money trap through our life cycle of success and dreams.

I have been going through my past and writing a book of all my life's success since I was a kid. I have always been lucky and most of my decisions have been a success. I have had a couple of failures but very few.

See this picture below, yes it is what everybody wants and dreams of, But remember this is not life and this is not family. Yes, this is a good tool to have for paying bills or spending on the family for things we all need. But It does not bring happiness.

Money Trap

As I have been going through my past, I realised how bad I was in the money trap. for almost 30 of my working years I was a workaholic and chasing the big picture above. Yes, I did succeed and made a great deal of money which I still have today but I missed out on the family time and the enjoyment that life gives us, and the memories that go along with the fun things in life's journeys.

Then Guess what? I became ill and after I was told that I had 6 months left so I had better prepare myself and my financial plans for my family. This woke me up and I excepted my fate and at the same time, I decided that I am not going down without a fight.

11 Years now I have been fighting and still pushing forward, I have no immune system left to fight off infections and other illness's but I keep eating healthy and mentally push forward and I spend most of my free time with the family doing everything that they can dream up.

This is what makes life's journeys and memories so cherishable.

Yes, WA does work and you can learn to make good money, but make sure you also get to spend that time with your family and loved ones, make sure you get to spend that extra time for yourself. Maybe it is just getting your hair done, or working on a project on your house. Maybe it is just taking a day off and being lazy,

Just do It.

If you really want it bad enough, it happens just from staying with it and working hard to achieve. but make sure you take that break, take that time for you and your family.

Love you great team members.

Just Do It.

Make It Happen.


Mike P

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MKearns Premium
WA provides a great formula of delivery from life's problems Mike!
MPollock Premium
That is for damn sure. and with all the great friends here we enjoy pushing forward. Have a great weekend and Holiday.
GlenPalo Premium
Good to see you again, Mike. You are spot on with your post.
MPollock Premium
Thanks, buddy. You have a great weekend.
drcmaint Premium
Yes. No question.
MPollock Premium
For sure. thanks.
Kroadwahine Premium
So true. When I'm with my Mum, she's 91, the iPad and phone stay in the handbag. I try to keep at least one weekend day for my husband and I. During the week I'm up between 4 to 6am. Nice and quiet. But sometimes I'm resting again at 10am. I'm lucky though my kids are adults and live elsewhere same with my only grandchild. We try to visit them at much as possible. They keep this heart beating. The money is secondary. So yes, family time is really important.

MPollock Premium
For sure and I am with you all the way.
DebbieRose Premium
Thanks for the reminders as to what is important on life. Continued success and good health. Debbie
MPollock Premium
for sure, you have a great weekend.