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March 11, 2018
Hi, Everybody, Yes I am still around and having fun. Hope all of you are doing great and earning money at the same time. I had a special Friend contact me a while back and it sure was nice just to say Hi. Now I have a little good news, I am semi retiring the end of this year and will spend a lot more time saying Hi and helping you if you great people need any help.For now Take care and enjoy life, it is a great adventure.Thanks,,Mike P.
Hi everybody.Hope you all had a great summer, I sure did. I looked at my rank today and wow. I am now at 2599, It sure jumped up fast. this must mean a lot of members are climbing the rank ladder and having a good time.I remember all the posts and writing I had to do when I was an Ambassador, and now I am enjoying life Instead and having a lot more fun.Everybody take care and I will still pop in now and then and when I find good material I will write posts to help you,Enjoy and make sure you ha
Hi, everybody.If you think people will find you, you are nuts, look at Walmart, Sears, Amazon, Ebay, they spend so much time Advertising that you finally get sick of seeing the adds unless you love to shop, Look at these signs, these companies are putting their name out there for you to see and buy. I have seen so many crazy emails and adds lately and the online world is changing.I have seen people write that they will pay you so click now. I have seen people write that you have $5,000.00 dolla
Hi, everybody.Hope everybody had a great month in July, or had a little fun. Maybe you saw a parade, or had a Barbecue and spent time with your family. Maybe a fun water fight, Refreshing,Maybe you enjoyed a theme park, and took a ride on a roller coaster. But as long as you had fun just a little bit, that is what counts.I wished I had more time to chat with all you great friends but I am so busy with the car repairs that I can only pop in every now and then, Miss everybody and please take ca
Hope everybody has a great Independence Day or had a great Canada Day or just a Great day to Celebrate and Love Life.Maybe this should be a world Holiday, What do you think.This would be awesome for all of the people in the world.If we can do it here at WA. then why can't we share it with the whole world, America was built by every breed and race from every Country, and WA. is the same way so let us share our dreams and celebrations together.Everybody have a great day tomorrow and enjoy Life.Th
Hi, everybody.I decided I needed to write this for everybody because we all get involved in the money trap through our life cycle of success and dreams.I have been going through my past and writing a book of all my life's success since I was a kid. I have always been lucky and most of my decisions have been a success. I have had a couple of failures but very few. See this picture below, yes it is what everybody wants and dreams of, But remember this is not life and this is not family. Yes, this
Hi, everybody.Hope you are still going strong and pushing forward. I have been too busy to write a blog for awhile, but you have to do what you have to do to keep your dreams alive.I hope everybody is starting to make money and all the new members if you keep working hard with the training it will happen.This is the rewards for training and working hard so never give up.Make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself.Just do It.Make It Happen.ThanksMike P
Hi, everybody.Focus on your dreams, and keep motivated,Everybody needs to be told you are doing great, a little encouragement goes a long way and helps us stay on the positive edge. Keep it up. Some of us have a natural ability to stay focused and motivated, so I want to help everybody stay motivated and inspired. The world is in your hands.Never quit. you can make online business all day long. and the money is great. One step at a time will make you better than perfect.So nowJust Do It.Mak
June 01, 2017
No matter what happens in life, Smile.No matter were your journey takes you, Smile.Even if you get your feelings hurt. Smile.Just remember to always be Happy and Smile.Now get to work and Smile.Just Do It.Make It Happen.Make your dreams come true, And Smile.Thanks, Mike P
May 31, 2017
Hi, everybody, Today I just want to make a few comments and recommendations. When I say do not be pushy, I mean do not just keep shoving products in the face of your subscriber. After awhile they will get sick and tired of reading the same garbage and delete or unsubscribe from your email list. Talk to them, think of what you would want to hear from somebody, make friends with them, find out what they like and what are their hobbies. Look how these kids trust each other.Talk like you are tal