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Last Update: Nov 24, 2015


Trouble transferring your domain name from Sadly, Tommy Dillard's helpful video is now out-dated and I was STUCK! Below is part of a conversation I recently had in a chat with live help @ namecheap. She was VERY helpful! It was a success!

Her: As I understand you are transferring your domain name from Namecheap

Me: wealthyaffiliate

Her: Do you need to point your domain name to Wealthy Affiliate nameservers?

Me: not sure...hoping you can direct me...the video they provide is all must've changed your format and page appearance in the last 6 months...

Her: Please specify if you need to change the domain name registrar or connect your domain name with your hosting

Her: Could you please provide me with the link to the video?

Me: sure...

Her: Thank you

Her: Just a moment please

Her: Follow the steps below to point your domain to custom nameservers:

Her: - sign in to with your username and password (Sign In option is available in the top hat of the page);

Her: - select 'Domain List' from the left-side menu;

Her: - hover over the house icon next to the domain you want to change settings for and click 'Manage';

Her: - locate 'Nameservers' section;

Her: - choose 'Custom' in the drop-down menu;

Her: - fill in your custom nameservers ( and

Her: - click on the checkmark on the right to save the changes

Her: It may take 24-48 hours for the DNS changes to be accepted globally. Please give it some time to propagate.

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Hi, thanks for useful article. You saved my day

Hi, thank you so much... Were you able to run your siterubix website using your own domain name from Name Cheap after these steps?

I'm, sorry wrong place, I was alerted you needed help. Sorry.

No worries Chris. Thanks.

Thank you

Thank you so much!!! I was totally confused.

Great help, Thank you!

Hi Kristen,

Great to see you managed to change move your domain name over without too much trouble. :)

Well, I THOUGHT I did???! Pls answer my personal message to you...thank you!

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