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Do websites with links require disclaimers?

Do websites with links require disclaimers?

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When I visit some websites (mostly ones that contain written content like blogs) that have affiliate links they contain a Disclaimer in the footer area that informs v

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Check out this link.

It covers all disclaimers, not only Amazon. Jim

Thank you!

It depends. In some cases the products or brands you are affiliate marketing for require a disclaimer, so check the fine print when you sign with someone. Personally I think it is good form to say that you are an affiliate. If you aren't charging more than the normal price, you can point out that it costs the customer no more to purchase from your site but that you get a small remuneration from the vendor for bringing customers to them and that helps you recover the cost of seeking only the best products for people who visit your site. It also shifts responsibility if there are any problems with the product. I would always have a disclaimer but do it in such a way that the buyer understands that you deserve some recompense for bringing the goods or services to them.


Not sure if it is a requirement but it is always a good thing. You are building trust and a brand,goes along way in establishing both for you.

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