basic literacy demographics

Last Update: August 09, 2019
This map depicts the counties in the United States in which 90% of the inhabitants primarily speak in English. They primarily read English in those counties as well.The swathe of southern Florida and the Southwest is Hispanic oriented.

Wealthy Affiliate is well positioned in world demographics It is a definite blessing to have a world wide audience which speaks and communicates in English. The situation doesn't change much north of the Canadian border. British, Columbia and the Prairie States are a predominantly English speaking area of Canada.

Ontario., Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are also anglophile oriented. The one exception is French speaking Quebec.

Wealthy Affiliate also has the advantage of mining out the former British commonwealth areas of the planet. There are members here from Eastern Europe, much of the western world, much of Asia and Oceania.

Only the temperate regions of Chile, Argentina Uruguay and Southern Brazil do not have a British heritage. This is unique for,world climates.

Demographics play a decided part in building a 1.4 million member organization and are critical to the membership successes. It isn't just reading and writing English. Many things come with such a package. There is a set of other characteristics such as eating and sleeping habits and most especially buying habits.

The political boundary lines blur wen such behavior becomes commonplace. This is Wealthy Affiliates greatest secret as the third decade of the 21st century arrives!.

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