Moving on up - on two fronts

Last Update: October 25, 2018

First it was Level 1...

Then it was Level 2...

Now I've got Level 3... and wow does it ever feel good.

It's not just about the certification (though the #3 does look good on the badge).

Every accomplishment is it's own reward. It was a little surreal to finally check off the last box on the task list.

This level was tough. And I struggled. I learned new concepts, produced lots of new content. There was a lot of new and I feel like I've really ventured off into uncharted territory. In a way, I'm wondering what's ahead, and how much tougher it is going to get.

But finishing off yet another level, it does give you some confidence. You pushed through and did it, and you can do it again. And if there is one thing about WA's approach, it builds on what you know. Not by leaps and bounds, but step by step. Absolutely amazing.

Juggling Act: and I can't juggle to save my life

I find myself trying to juggle soooo much as I move through with the training lessons, and producing content for my website, and trying to help out here at WA. I sometimes feel like I could dedicate 24 hours a day to this process and still run out of time to do what I need to do.

The one thing that I can truthfully say, is that the time I do spend doing the work (and it's only a few hours a day, not 24 hours a day), it doesn't feel like work, it's actually enjoyable.

I was going to say relaxing, but then I remembered all the frustrating moments when things didn't work like they were supposed to, and all those times I made mistakes and had to go back and redo the job, or fix the issue. Not so relaxing.

But, the progress you can literally visualize as you move along, is about as encouraging as it gets. Add to that, all the thumbs up, and pats on the back, and shout outs from the WA community, what's not to like?

Alternating Approach

With so much to do and so little time to do it in, I've found myself alternating jobs from day to day. In part, it's to keep things going on all fronts and in part it's to provide variety my that my mind doesn't get overtaxed, and tired, dealing with the same thing every day.

There are some tasks that I do every day to stay on top of things; like answering messages, picking a few new members to follow. There are other tasks that I find a little more intensive and that require some additional focus. Those, I switch it up from day to day.

Key Word day

I'll take an hour or so and just search for that low hanging fruit. I've actually been quite surprised at what is available for my niche. I'm hoping that one day I'll blast one out of the park. I'm still shooting for Kyle's #1 ranking in 35 minutes record (a man can dream, right?). For now, I'm glad to have my site, and three posts indexed by Google. I know it will get better as I establish my niche authority. As I find good keywords, I start a Content Rich Post with the keyword in the title and save it as a draft to be worked on later.

WA community day

I'll take an hour or so and go through the Site Comments page, follow some threads and offer help if I can, try to answer a few unanswered questions. Basically a time dedicated to trying to help out the WA community in any way I can. I'm still a newbie so my help toolbox isn't all that full yet, but there is still opportunity to help out.

Training Day

I'll take an hour or so and go through some training. I'll read the blog, watch the video and do the work. If all goes well, I can get through a few lessons and make good progress. When it doesn't go so well or when the task is more complicated, I'll likely spend a few days going through it to make sure I get it done right. Sometimes it's new training and sometimes it's review training.

Content Day

I'm still in the "whatever time it takes to get it done" stage on this one. But I am finding that I can write the content, edit the post, add the pictures and add the affiliate links in about 4 to 5 hours per post. One thing I do all the time, is jot stuff down ideas when I think of something I might want to write about later. I have several draft Content Rich posts started, and as I develop the thoughts and direction I want to go with the topic, I head over and add content. These posts may not get published for a while, but they are started, and it keeps things passively moving ahead in this department.

Action Point: keep on trucking

  • For me, moving on to the next Level of training
  • And for you, keep at it! Success breeds success and every step you take is one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Until next time. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention. When I woke up this morning, I was ranked 475 in WA. That's right, I cracked the top 500, here I come top 200. Good thing I remembered that, or my title would not have made any sense.

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alan47 Premium
Good to hear your progress and honest appraisal. Will keep on going as you say whatever and how long ever it takes... !
Mitchguy Premium
Thanks Alan.
Wishing you all the best.
NeptuneSiver Premium
Nice Train
Mitchguy Premium
They have some pretty sweet pictures in the archives. Glad you like it.
ExpatMark Premium
Congrats Mitch, great post. I concur completely.
Mitchguy Premium
Thanks. To mutual success.
Marley2016 Premium
Mitch, Congratulations keep going forward never look back :)
Mitchguy Premium
Right on.