Marketing Tips and Tricks - 10 easy to do tips

Last Update: June 11, 2015

1. Keep your domain name simple and easy to pronounce.

2. Always have a opt in subscriber sign up.

3. You can hightlight your subscriber sign up for easy visibility.

4. Track everything you do on a spread sheet; email campaigns, customer contact,ad campaigns,social media etc. revisit and see what is working.

5. If you get overwhelmed outsource easy tasks and stay focused on building relationships and content creation.

6. Set up a free google voice number so people can contact you without having your personal phone number.

7. Don't be afraid to create videos; for your posts, sales pages and ebooks. This will bring the visual effect to your work. Always submit to youtube, it's a great traffic source.

8. Refer others work to other people and they will most likely do the same for you.

9. When you do get customers - offer customer satisfaction surveys so you will know what to offer and improve.

10. Never stop learning and studying. Watch everything and apply it.

More to come tomorrow Cheers,


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mrbill6771 Premium
Thanks for the tips, Misty!
SStarrs Premium
Hi Misty . Thank you for great advice on marketing tips .
Have a great weekend .
solidbase Premium
Thank you for sharing these valuable tips with us Misty.
CRawlings Premium
Misty, this is genius! I will get right on a few of these tips.
Larry_T Premium
Very good set of marketing tips & tricks