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1. Search Engine Optimization - Keywords are the key to get your site optimized.Use keywords in each blog post. Try to keep keywords under 2 to 3% of entire post.Use a keyword in each title of the post.Use a keyword in the first 90 characters of the post.Also use keywords in tags.2. Post often - Post basic informationPosts can be short 250 to 300 words.Do some research to find unique items to post about.Don't forget to enable comments and interact with your viewers.Keep posts engaging, think abo
10 Social Marketings Tips - Made EasyToday I want to share a few social marketing tips that I use and has helped me tremendously.1.I have learned the easiest ways to gain followers is to show them you are a expert on your product. Build relationships and never stop learning about your products. When asked a question you will always have the answer.2.Everytime you post also post on social media accounts pinterest, facebook, google+, twitter, etc.3.Use social media for content ideas,interact with
June 17, 2015
1.Create a ‘customer of the month’ program as a way of saying thanks and giving back toyour loyal customers.2.Send out birthday cards to your prospects and customers.Always add a coupon or incentive.3.Ask for referrals. If your customers and followers are happy, they’ll be glad to spread theword.4.Create a facebook group and keep prospects engaged by doing daily tasks for you a receiving a reward. Like sharing your posts, joining your blog or even adding people to group.5.Marketing strateg
1. Keep your domain name simple and easy to pronounce.2. Always have a opt in subscriber sign up.3. You can hightlight your subscriber sign up for easy visibility.4. Track everything you do on a spread sheet; email campaigns, customer contact,ad campaigns,social media etc. revisit and see what is working.5. If you get overwhelmed outsource easy tasks and stay focused on building relationships and content creation.6. Set up a free google voice number so people can contact you without having your
1. Start with a marketing plan; Outline your goals and keep revisitng until your reach them.2. Interact with your visitors to discover their needs and then offer helpful info then introduce your product once you gain their trust.3. Always update your marketing material; Business cards, Flyers, word of mouth, add ashare button to your posts and encourage others to share.4. Use incentives to gain trust and repeat visits; offer a free ebook or something helpful.5. When using business cards and flye
When promoting on Facebook be careful of their guidelines and rules. Make sure you read all their rules or your account can be frozen.Create a fan page. I would suggest to create a profile picture that shows you are a real person; don't make it just about business. Treat it as your personal page. Interact with others (commenting, liking and sharing their posts) and trust me they will do the same for you.Invite all your friends to your page, you would be surprised that several people will be inte
Offline advertising can be as effective as online advertising. Today everyone is on the internet but they are still people that just don't get it. So think about it if you can reach them, they will be new prospects without being flooded from others.Hand out a business card every chance you get. I like to put magnets on them and stick them to gas pumps. Also I put them in free publications at the front of grocery stores. Most stores will let you leave a stack at their registers.Create business f