Do you want to use your blog to generate leads? - Tips to show you how.

Last Update: June 25, 2015

1. Search Engine Optimization - Keywords are the key to get your site optimized.

  • Use keywords in each blog post. Try to keep keywords under 2 to 3% of entire post.
  • Use a keyword in each title of the post.
  • Use a keyword in the first 90 characters of the post.
  • Also use keywords in tags.

2. Post often - Post basic information

  • Posts can be short 250 to 300 words.
  • Do some research to find unique items to post about.
  • Don't forget to enable comments and interact with your viewers.
  • Keep posts engaging, think about what would interest you pictures, videos, etc.

3.Don't be afraid to get social - position yourself as interesting, engaing, and a expert in your niche.

Think outside the box and Don't overlook social places like, stumple upon and myspace.

4.Research landing pages and how to offer a free product to obtain their name and email address. The list is very important to be sucessful.

Remember if you need help contact me and I will show you what I have learned. I hope this has served you.



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solidbase Premium
Much obliged for the valuable tips and guidance.
It is highly appreciated.
Be blessed.
SStarrs Premium
Great tips . Thank for sharing .
You are a great help.
MistyC Premium
Thanks to one of my biggest supporters
AlexandraM Premium
Thank you for the tips MistyC
MistyC Premium
You are very welcome
jaydeb08 Premium
Great info there misty I think I'm adding to much to my posts, I might scale bavk a bit on the sizevof my posts. Can you have a look at my site and comment please...thanks john
TSmithers Premium
I would think twice before scaling back the size of your posts.
When you do a post it takes 1-3 days to rank page 2-6 without a fetch in Google. when you scale back see how long it takes.
MistyC Premium
I think your posts are great, they are broken up with headlines and images. very intriguing I don't think you will have any problem engaging your audience. Great work :)
MistyC Premium
and I left you a comment
JeffreyS Premium
Great post. Sounds spot on.
MistyC Premium
Thank you