10 Simple and Easy Marketing Tips

Last Update: June 10, 2015

1. Start with a marketing plan; Outline your goals and keep revisitng until your reach them.

2. Interact with your visitors to discover their needs and then offer helpful info then introduce your product once you gain their trust.

3. Always update your marketing material; Business cards, Flyers, word of mouth, add ashare button to your posts and encourage others to share.

4. Use incentives to gain trust and repeat visits; offer a free ebook or something helpful.

5. When using business cards and flyers always offer a call to action or special offer on the back.

6. Join up with others to launch tips and products together.

7. Create a ebook with tips and tricks about your niche promote as a free download to gain visitors.

8. Create a list of sucessful people in your niche and visit and research their methods and apply to your business.

9. Create a event on facebook to educate people. Gather email addresses then send them a thank you note with a discount coupon to show your appreciation for them attending and you will gain repeat visitors.

10.If you gain subscribers send a welcome email and invite them to connect with you on social media and this will gain valuable trust.

I hope these tips helped and I will be doing daily tips to provide any knowledge I have learned.

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Thanks, Misty very good post
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Misty, thanks for sharing this with us.
Always good to receive advice and guidance from successful people.
Have a great day.
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Thanks Misty, Good ideas!
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Hi Misty. Great tips .
Thank you for sharing .
I look forward to your next tips.
You always give useful tips.
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Hi some really useful tips thank you