10 Easy Marketing Tips

Last Update: June 17, 2015

1.Create a ‘customer of the month’ program as a way of saying thanks and giving back to

your loyal customers.

2.Send out birthday cards to your prospects and customers.Always add a coupon or incentive.

3.Ask for referrals. If your customers and followers are happy, they’ll be glad to spread the


4.Create a facebook group and keep prospects engaged by doing daily tasks for you a receiving a reward. Like sharing your posts, joining your blog or even adding people to group.

5.Marketing strategies continually evolve. If you’re short on time but need fresh content,

review and update/revise some of your old content.

6.Take reviews one step further and compare similar products. Readers love to have at-aglance

stats about products they are considering buying.

7.95% of online consumers use email and over 90% of them check it daily. Just one

reason why email marketing should not be ignored.

8.Include your call to action early in your email as many subscribers will only read the

subject and first few sentences of an email.

9.Treat your email marketing as carefully as you would if you were paying for


10.When promoting products as an affiliate, always mention both the good and the

bad sides to make your review believable.

Stay tuned for more tips.

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Great list of marketing tips.
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Good information, thanks for sharing!
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Yes! I have bookmarked this for future use! Thank you so much!
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Thanks Misty,
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Hi Misty and thank you for the helpful tips. I enjoy reading about how more experienced WA'ers as yourself have achieved success. I appreciate you paying it forward for our benefit. I wish you continued success. Cheers!