Will you be successful in affiliate marketing?

Last Update: October 26, 2017

As many new comers always want to know if we are making money and also how much money we are making? It is a silly question.

If we told you any figure and probably you will not believe. The matter of fact is we are still here which tells you that we obviously are making money. If not, we will have already gone and disappear from Wealth Affiliate.

The good question to ask is "Will you be successful in affiliate marketing?" Since our success doesn't equate to your success in the future.

The reason I want to discuss about this is to help the newcomers. If they have the right attributes to be successful in this business. You don't want to waste your time and effort is you don't have what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer.

I have a long thought on this subject and I found there are 5 attributes that you need.

1. A good or reasonable skill in the English language. You need to know how to write proper English if your audience are in the Western countries.

2. Understand what is marketing. At least you know what are the words to use to attract prospective customers. A good marketing article will arouse the need in your audience to buy whatever you are selling. Some storytelling might help.

3. Understand all the aspect of website building and make you website more professional. Or you can get someone to help you. We all think our website is the best, but would your visitors feel the same?

4. Persistence. You have to stay in the game. The minimum time is to give yourself at least 1 to 2 years. It takes time to learn and to understand what works and what doesn't.

5. Know how to push your website to Google 1st position and how to market it. You can pay someone to help you with this one.

If you have all 5 attributes then you are suitable for affiliate marketing. If not, then you might want to find something better to do. Or else, if you still want to try then make sure you learn what is required.

I wish you all good luck!


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I have a question does WA eventually pay for itself meaning do you at least accumulate enough money from it to keep paying for the premium every month
Sui_generis Premium
Mistor Wailor!!!! It's good to see you! You're so right about the amount of money to be made and the time frame in which it happens. There are too many variables to make that determination.

This is a good post for newbies. You've laid it all out.

MisterWailor Premium
Thank you so much for your comment.
finnigen Premium
I totally agree. But just wanted to add that Wealthy affiliate also offers more reasons to stay than earning money. Those things being, the great education, live classes, community etc.
Thanks for the post!
MisterWailor Premium
I don't think anyone would want to pay few hundred dollars a year to join a community if they are not making money.
finnigen Premium
I do
MisterWailor Premium
Well, that is hard to believe.
paulgoodwin Premium
A great post and it certainly takes at least two year to really understand what this business is all about!