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July 31, 2020
Choose your first nicheI believe choosing the right niche is the most important task for a new affiliate marketer. Most people will tell you to choose something that you are interested in. That's not a bad advise. Some would say choose something which are popular, more people would be interested in. Before our discussion on how to choose your niche, let's talk about what would happen if you choose a wrong niche. Then you would realize how important it is on picking a right niche. I would sugge
How do you make use of your "New User Registration" on your website?On my websites, I have been getting New User Registration everyday. Previously, I have tried emailing them once a while to notify them of my latest posts. Sometimes I will send them advertising materials; maybe they will hate me for it.I want to ask you a few many users you have?how do you make use of your user list?what is your success story?I hope you can share your story with us and it would be useful for peo
As many new comers always want to know if we are making money and also how much money we are making? It is a silly question. If we told you any figure and probably you will not believe. The matter of fact is we are still here which tells you that we obviously are making money. If not, we will have already gone and disappear from Wealth Affiliate. The good question to ask is "Will you be successful in affiliate marketing?" Since our success doesn't equate to your success in the future. The
Today, I have a message for the newbies. When I first start doing affiliate marketing, I made the same mistake that most people made. I tried to do everything quickly and I want my website to be successful TODAY. I want it so bad that I spend hours and hours in front of my computer. That is not affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is suppose to be fun, profitable, relax and passive. It is because your website takes time to get to the number 1 position, Google will take its time to inde
Hi everyone,I want to ask you this 2 questions.1. How much time you spent when you pick your first niche? 2. Is this niche you picked successful?You should be very careful picking your first niche. It could lead you to success if you picked the right niche. Otherwise, it could lead you to failure if you picked the wrong niche. You don't want to end up in a situation that you wasted a lot of time and then found out you picked the wrong niche. You lost your enthusiasm and you give up.Therefor
Do you know members who are active in Wealthy Affiliate are more successful?When you are active, you will learn more. This doesn't apply to all activity since some activities are unproductive. What are the productive activities? Helping other people with their problems. When you try helping others, you learn more when you are finding the solution. Publishing lessons. This will solidify your knowledge and makes you an expert on the subject.Asking Questions. This doesn't need any explanation.R
February 06, 2016
When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to know what are the steps involved in this business. Therefore, I created a website which teaches visitors how to do affiliate marketing in a step-by-step fashion. I recently created an Affiliate Marketing Training Roadmap, it listed out the steps clearly. It would be very useful for newbies, they could follow the roadmap one step at a time without getting lost. Here are the steps: Find your own niche, products and related keywords.Purcha
I joined Affiliorama and see what they offered. They are selling their AffiloBlueprint program and promised that it is "a system that actually work." It is price at $197 and will give you a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. They describe it as a step-by-step formula with more than 90 training video and also homework exercise. It is a 12 week course. They market it as a perfect system.It does sounds like scams to me. Have you tried it? What is your opinion of this perfect sy
Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes we made as a newbie in Affiliate Marketing. 1. Spreading yourself too thin - you have too many ideas and build too many websites. At the end, you have few websites which doesn't rank and make you no money. You need only one good website to be successful. 2. Not doing your research in depth - you rush into building your website, and you picked the wrong niche. You don't even know that your competitors are so strong, or the niche you picked ma
Hi Everyone,I saw this blog from JSakanee talking about Backlinks. Here is the link to his article:- am sorry to said that his article doesn't give you anything, it was just a repeat of the lessons from Kyle. I believe if you want to post an article to say something, it should give people something to take away, like benefit, new idea or give them something to think about. Here is my story:-Back in end of 2014, one of my website http://lea