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Last Update: February 06, 2016

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to know what are the steps involved in this business. Therefore, I created a website which teaches visitors how to do affiliate marketing in a step-by-step fashion. I recently created an Affiliate Marketing Training Roadmap, it listed out the steps clearly. It would be very useful for newbies, they could follow the roadmap one step at a time without getting lost.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find your own niche, products and related keywords.
  2. Purchase your domain name and setup your beautiful website
  3. Design a build a basic website structure with initial pages/posts.
  4. Write more good contents and post to the website.
  5. Optimize the website for SEO - a big lesson by itself.
  6. Prepare your website for sales - add sales banners and links.
  7. Add sign-up form and collect user email address for email marketing later.
  8. Attract traffics - also a big topic in itself. (I think this one is the hardest.)

If you want more details, you can refer to my post: There are too much details to post it all here.

I am still not very happy with this roadmap and I will create something later which will be a truly step-by-step manual. Stay tune.

I am still learning at the moment. My weakest part is attracting traffics because I don't normally socialize on Facebook or other social media. My website is only getting traffics from Google search result, but I will learn how to do it someday.

From my experience, if you want mass traffics, you really need to master all the elements of affiliate marketing.

If I have to put a percentage of importance on the elements. It will be like this:-

  • Content 50%
  • Website layout/design 10%
  • Attract traffics 30%
  • All others 10%

This is just my humble opinion. I want the newbies to understand what are important, so they don't waste time and money. Hopefully, success will come earlier for them.

Let me know what you think.



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nickohls Premium
thanks for the useful tips. I'm still waiting to make that trip to Melbourne. Nicholas
MisterWailor Premium
I will see you then.
Kav Premium
Thanks for the reminder. Your site does have good contents too.
MisterWailor Premium
Thank you.
Loes Premium
I found a little issue on your website:
On the page
You link through to
you missed an "S" in attributes and it goes to "nothing found"
You should replace it with:

Kind regards Loes
MisterWailor Premium
Thank you so much, I will go and fix it right away.
WealthyPanda Premium
Nice post, just checked out your blog. It makes sense
MisterWailor Premium
Thank you.
WindyCityUSA Premium
I like your idea, thank you for sharing!
MisterWailor Premium
Thanks for the comment. I will let you have a copy of the manual when I get it completed.