Kanye and Trump Dragon Energy Bromance Causes Musical Fallout

Last Update: April 27, 2018

Always the Mavrick, I found it amusing and thought I'd share the love & unlove for Kayne West this week. Both these characters know a thingor two about personal branding and marketing.

Personal branding and marketing at it's best, how to grab the medias attention!


Drake was one of the music artists who unfollowed Kanye West on Twitter after Kanye West posted a series of tweets that turned to the rapper vocally supporting President Trump, several 'top of the pops' musicians either dissed or unfollowed West on Twitter.

And can you believe Trump called Kayne "brother" in thanking him for his props (that means support)

Chance the Rapper, took a bit of stick for standing up for his buddy Kayne for stating...

"Black people don’t have to be democrats."

Here are a few of the other musical pop peeps who unfollowed Kanye after tweets supporting Trump and all tjat shizzle:


Unfollowed Kanye on Thursday.

Nicki Minaj

Unfollowed West on Thursday.

Justin Bieber

Unfollowed West on Thursday.

The Weeknd

Unfollowed West on Wednesday.

Katy Perry

Unfollowed West on Thursday - she's HUGE on twitter

Ariana Grande

@arianagrande / Instagram unfollowed West on Thursday.

Harry Styles

Unfollowed West on Thursday.

Jaden Smith

Unfollowed West on Wednesday.

Snoop Dogg

Unfollowed West on Wednesday.


Unfollowed West on Wednesday.


Unfollowed West on Thursday.


Unfollowed West on Wednesday.

He's been kinda quiet for a while, I think we're going to be hearing a LOT more from Kayne and his polital views in the near future.

Umm... Sex in the city star Cynthia Nixon is running to become the next governor of New York. I wonder if Kanye is thinking of runing fo some seat down the road? After all I see he has friends in high places!

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Kyle Premium Plus
I think when some people don't have enough people talking about them, they seek out attention. Not the first time Kanye has done this, won't be the last.

There are certain figures that base their entire lives on relevance and as soon as they sense they are becoming irrelevant, their ego takes a hit.

This is going to be followed likely be some really outrageous activities. I remember Kanye indicating that he was a technology genius a few years back, the next Steve Jobs. Not sure how that is shaping up for him.

I love his music (in particular his older stuff), and everyone deserves to speak freely.
mission0ps Premium
Looks like you certainly k ow Mr West ...
True he's such a diva .lol. and as far as his music goes... I totally agree.. I saw him in Brixton for the college dropout Album.
That was awesome.
Cheers for the pass buddy.
Memorylaneuk Premium
What a total joke. None of these stars had anything to do with the unfollowing. That was their PR and media people.
The only person who actually writes his own tweets is Donald Trump.... lol
With Grace and Gratitude
mission0ps Premium
Umm jumping on for publicity points- good theory ;)
Alan Hocking Premium
Oooh I better get following this Kanye and Trump's Twitter thread looks like it's all kicking off!
mission0ps Premium
It so is and both Kayne & Trump will keep it flowing as it's a awesome boost for them both...

BUT his lefty followers don't like it lol