Before You Launch - Connect, Contribute Then Content

Last Update: August 07, 2018

I know how exciting it can be starting a business. And when you have that light bulb idea, great product or service then it can take some serious self-control not to rush into launch.

However, I equally know that jumping in too soon can be a real business mess up. And one that can serve to seriously deflate your business balloon.

So here I fill you in on the vital three C’s to think about and get down before the big launch day: content, connect and contribute.


I view contributing as creating content for other blogs and platforms where your target audience may be spending their time already.

But don't get phased - I'm not talking about guest posting, it can be as simple as good 'old-fashioned quality commenting.

This may include other niche focused blogs where the readers are inspired by essential, industry insider advice that can make a real difference to their business.

Contributing to your online niche sphere is important not only for reaching wider audiences, but also for the power that an expert’s approval of your ‘brand’ could provide.

It can help you tap into the trust that already exists between blogger or industry figure and can give you a real boost.

And the best bit about contributing? Well, that must be that you could get started today by searching out folks who are "on the next level" that you want to get to.

Just don’t write the same old blurb, contribute in a way that actually adds value to the post and anyone that would read your comment.


Connecting with your audience can seem like a seriously tricky business when you have so many tools at your disposal. From the running of a "must read blog" through to the option of paid advertising. Choosing between them can then seem like a pretty confusing task.

However, it really needn’t be. And in short it shouldn’t be a case of one or the other, but rather a mix that suits your business, product or service and that connects with your audience - whoever they may be.

I am, and always will be, a complete advocate for a multi-channel marketing strategy. And here are my essential steps towards a marketing stringy that reaches the furthest and reaps the best returns.

- Connect with other blogs and their readers through comments & guest posts.

- Harness all that social media can offer by mastering each medium.

- Get connected with the power of Pay-Per-Click advertising.

- Build a ready and willing email marketing list.

- Research (and never stop learning) about how you can craft your content.


The old saying in the world of online marketing is ‘Content is King’ and this is as true today as it’s always been.

Content (the posts within your blog and the text, videos and images throughout your website) is essential for both scaling the ranks of Google, and for building up a reputation for inspiration, education or engagement with your target audience.

It can help you gain traction around the world and build up an audience and it serves as an essential tool for demonstrating your expert know-how within your niche. You can also use hidden content as a tool for leverage – such as a free essential guide to x, y or z in return for a name and email address.

My top tip: Textual content is vital for any business, however the rise of video is not to be underestimated. This medium can deliver impressive conversion rates and is often far more share friendly than simple text and images. Don't be shy about taking the plunge with video.

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allisonhites Premium
Wow this is the best post I have come across here at WA. Thank you so much for sharing. I've read different books on internet marketing and have heard of others advocating social media and video like this. I think everyone should read this.
mission0ps Premium
Hey Allison,
Thanks a bunch for those awesome words...
I just may add you to the Xmas card list ;o)

Holla anytime you need a hand.. I mean it!
paulgoodwin Premium
nice to play!!!
mission0ps Premium
Not as nice as your $295 sale ;o)
Kaitly Premium
I think that I'd go with the Content, Contribute, Connect as well :) -K
mission0ps Premium
I could eat that Salmon & Avocado now!
Chris2005 Premium Plus
Content, Connect, Contribute.
mission0ps Premium
I hear ya buddy.
That's another way - but I don't really mind contributing if there's no connection.
Labman Premium Plus
I like to create content to give those that connect a place to land. But it is equally important to contribute to the larger audience. So I would go with Content, Contribute, Connect.
mission0ps Premium
I like that approach you have there Craig - I notice a lot preaching to use content as the final anchor lately!