WA the Symptoms and Side Effects of Addiction


Do you have WAitis and how can you tell?


  • Wealthy Affiliate is the first thing you want to do in the morning

  • Find it hard to step away from Wealthy Affiliate
  • You take every opportunity to connect with Wealthy Affiliate
  • You eat, sleep, and dream about your Wealthy Affiliate website
  • You feel a sense of Wealthy Affiliate overload

Your symptoms are very common and shouldn't be feared. WAitis is a rite of passage for all great affiliate marketers. It's an inoculation to get too ready for bigger things to come. Eventually you'll be looking at back door statistics and analytics and I sometimes think it's like a poker game. Do I raise, call, or fold. The side effects can be plenty and can last even longer than the initial symptoms. Here's what to look for.

Side effects:

  • Constantly thinking about how you can improve your website
  • Looking forward to your next Wealthy Affiliate encounter to implement new ideas
  • Constantly perusing more information to help your page ranking, views, and click through rates
  • Make yourself lists upon lists of training to get back, videos to watch, emails to read and websites to visit

  • You make lists of research to do, videos to make, blogs to study
  • Start reading one topic and get sidetracked on so many others, it's hard to keep track of
  • Feel that you are pulled in so many directions that some days it seems you accomplish nothing


These side effects can come and go and they will depend greatly on your actions in any given day day. I have found the easiest way to deal with some of these side effects is to make a calendar. Then stick to it!! I myself have found this a hard thing to do at times.

Local chrome has a calendar function. Is really rather wonderful. You can use it like any other calendar by setting events and how long those events will take out of your day. These events can be blocked out on the calendar and you can set alerts that will pop up.

In the bottom corner of my computer screen work space I will get a notification that it's time to change tasks. I will get these reminders 5 to 10 minutes before the next task needs to be started. This allows me time to wrap up what I'm doing.

OK so it's not easy to follow my calendar at sometimes because sometimes I underestimate the time it's going to take to complete the task. This is where you can get into trouble. Don't overestimate what you can get done in a day or week. Don't underestimate either, be realistic.

Long-term prognosis:

With a well balanced diet of good work habits, great content writing and SEO knowledge you could feel good about the work you're doing and a website your building.

Fill your calendar with time blocked out for specific tasks. These tasks should consist of keyword research and writing great content, time to research back door analytics, understand webmaster tools and incorporate what we have learned on our website.

Doing so will lead to ranking analysis, trial and error, A/B testing and sometimes frustration. Always remember that WA has members that care about your success almost as much as you do, and they will give you a helping hand if they can.

So do you have WAitis? How do you handle it, what helps you out the best, how do you block of your calendar?

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I think we all have a bad case of this. lol Well played.

Thanks Eddy with a "y"

I love this blog. I have WAitis! I do have a full-time job so I go to work and hope my appointments do not show up so I can work on emails website or researching for other posts.
Great job!

Oh Shelia, now you have it bad. That's definitely a way to squeeze in some extra time.

Very nice prognosis for WAitis.:) thanks Debra.

You are most welcome!

Guilty as charged :-)

Yap! I am too a WAitis - Great write-up Debra.

Thank you kindly, was just feeling a little humorous today.

Just like my WASH syndrome. This is another disease that is prowling this great community. ( check my profile to see my blog on WASH syndrome)

Yes too funny and right on the mark.

Balance is key.

It most certainly is and it can be difficult to obtain sometimes.

LOL You've been reading my mail :)
Great post, needed the chuckle, even though a little to close to reality, and thanks for the awesome tips :)
Thanks Debra

You are more thank welcome, Thanks as well

Great blog post! Creative content. Thank you for posting.

Thank you

Definitely have WAitis! :) -K


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