Post number 8, continuation of my journey diary.

Last Update: October 23, 2017

Hi all, this post will be continuation of recording of progress of my WA journey as described in the previous one : as it looks that I've run out of space on it.

Am I right that there is limit in post lenght on WA?

22/12/2016 - 15/01/2017

I'm still veru much concerned with loading time of BaMC and BAT and keep improving it. Soon new BaMC and BAT logo will be uploaded to blog.


Going through posts and pages on BaMC and doing corrections like changing color of text to black, checking if links opening in new window and editing posts and pages, this all is so laborious.


I got into involved into 'new shiny object' which is learning drop shipping business, learning new things related to key words and this is helpful in the whole internet marketing business so for now I'm concentrating on this course and neglecting work with BaMC and BAT and also my second brand new site about health.


I keep editing posts on BaMC, still not much light in the tunnel and learning is very slow but I enjoy getting it the way I want.


I continue to edit posts on BaMC and will start writing today new draft post which is going to be Clixsense review. While browsing WA posts I came across this site : that will be useful to check my site.


Not done much at all today as working my usual 12h night shift and then all day with Peter so only few minutes spent at WA and few min on BaMC, new BaMC logo is ready :) Will soon upload to the site.


Couldnt really do much at all as was time limited and very tired, spent whole day with Peter


Again with Peter all day as its my days off and Kasia is working


Regretable could not do anything as was with my little son all day long


Got up just before 5 so I can do some work on BaMC or WA


Today my day shift has started and I'm only able to do some work while on my tea brakes. :(


The same today, only doing some work on the blog and WA while at work.


Yesterday I've got fixed one of the broken links on BaMC blog there is still few broken links there that needs to get fixed, I keep writing draft post for new review while at work on my tea brakes.


Working on editing posts and pages today and also keep fixing broken links on BaMC, more time spent today at it as not much to at work at all.


First day off work today and lots of personal problems at home makes it very hard to get anything done at all so I'll only work for about one hour on WA and will try to work on my latest draft post which is Clixense review.


I keep trying to remove this unwanted text that appeared at the bottom of two posts on BaMC and BAT, it is to do with Google analytics code.


I kept working on deleting the unwanted text appearing on bottom of few posts but this is still work in progress but near completion.


Internet was down at home for more than half a day hence nothing got done


I keep updating posts and pages on BaMC and will be contacting today host to increase PHP Memory.


Well, got response from support that PHP memory cannot be updated to higher, but news I'm afraid.


I'm working night shift this week and cant do much at all so only working on blog and WA while on my tea brakes.


Still on night shift and we had friends for dinner today so I didn't do anything at all and I expect it to slow even more as there is that many things going on at the moment and I try to learn to do only one thing at the time and for next two months it is to become profitable in trading binary options and month two become consistently profitable at trading the Forex market, these are big priorities for now, month three to remain sending positive vibes to others.


My main computer is broken and I cant do any work until its fixed.


Still trying to fix my main PC


Computer is now fixed but due to very bad situation at home it is very difficult to be able to spend time at my PC :(


Started doing some work on WA, nothing done on BaMC and BAT for days :(


At work today and for next 4 days hence work will only be done on my tea brakes :(


Today is the same, I'm now working for few minutes on editing my last draft post for just few minutes while on my tea brake at work.


I kept correcting posts on BaMC and kept writing on last draft post, last post on BaMC was in November last year, very very small progress I'm afraid, it is taking ages to get things done and the number of mistakes I made since I started my blog is very high.


Today is my last working day and doing some work on WA and BaMC as always when at work only during mt tea brakes. From tomorrow I'll be working all day for next 4 days at home with Peter and then back to work for night shift so again will be very limited with time to get things done in the business.


I have managed to do some post editing while at work on the last day but back at home is such a struggle to work on BaMC and WA as the life here is totally hard, hectic and so many things to do, between making wife happy, looking after Peter, trading on Forex market, yes, I been doing it for many years and recently got signed up for one year apprenticeship with Matt Travis who is a trader and millionaire and owner of company MTA, their website is Mtakover, check this out when you have a minute, and also I trade on binary options where I plan to earn $50k by the end of May 2017, might be hard but I'm committed to it and will keep working on it until I achieve it, also later want to earn $100k and $150k in the next runs so the pressure is here all the time.


I now work on WA just to keep some activity going, only doing it for 30 min at night and want to go to bed soon as I got up at 5.35 AM, yes , I push myself out of the comfort zone and get up so early on my days off work so I can get things done.


I didn't do nothing, its the sad truth, as for the reasons mentioned on 14th Feb update I've been working on the other things and this apprenticeship is the top priority for me now. Only spent few minute within WA and my rankings are falling.


Even less than yesterday, only writing this now, late at night and going to sleep in few minutes, I understand that i cannot concentrate on thing only and doing all these things at once but in the future want to have all these income streams, just hope it will work in the end for me. I'm not bothered how long its going to take me.

Most of broken links have been fixed, keep editing old posts and pages and they all need to be perfect but this is going to take long, next is editing pictures and uploading logo, it all takes so much time but I know I'll get there, thinking about outsourcing on upwork to get all pictures on BaMC corrected to the right thing.


At home before going to work I kept working on editing draft post for ClixSense review, getting closer to having it published, worked on adding pictures to this post, this takes so much time, now while at work, first night back on shift keep editing posts and later will try to work on this latest draft post. I'm not going to give up this site (BaMC and BAT) and I keep enjoying building it.


Just done some activity on WA for few minutes while at home before going to work for my 12h night shift. Will keep editing last draft post later to place more images in it.


I keep editing posts and pages while at work tonight, will also work on the latest draft. Got done nothing at home as I was sleeping most of the day.


I continued to edit draft post on BaMC and BAT


Getting nowhere really with my work.


There is so many other things in the way that no work has been done again on BaMC and BAT and not touched my other site in Polish for weeks now :(


Again no work has been done, oh gosh, terrible feeling :(


I get up so early in the morning to get things done but before I get to working on BaMC and BAT Peter is up and I have to finish sitting at the computer, way to many things I'm trying to accomplish at once, this has to change one day.


This morning before going to work I've uploaded logo to BaMC and BAT, finally. :)

Progress. Today I'm working on BaMC and BAT while at work on my tea brakes.


Same as yesterday, I'll try to do some work on draft post while on my tea brakes at work.


Yet again I'm doing the same thing, only working on BaMC and BAT and on WA while at work during my tea brakes


Last day at work and yet again I'm doing the exact same thing as the previous three days.


Today is my first day off work and will do some work on blog but only later on at night when Peter goes to sleep.


I kept editing draft post, I know, it really takes ages to get it completed, my last post was published in November and now is March. :(


For the whole day I did nothing at all regarding online business, I had so many things to do that I could only get them done but never got a chance to do work on BaMC and BAT or WA at all :(

I have been exhausted at night as we had friends for barbecue and we spent the whole evening with them.


Kept editing draft post, its nearly finished now, just to do final text check and ad remaining pictures, at least I know now how to ad images properly to my blog.


Another day where I had so many other things to do and not even touched WA nor BaMC and BAT for the whole day. :(


First night shift today so I can work on BaMC and BAT and on WA during my tea brakes. :)

I kept working on latest draft post before going to work, kept adding images to it, post is going to get published today. :)


ClixSense review is now published. :) I now keep editing pages on BaMC and BAT. Soon will start writing new article. :)


I continue to edit posts and pages, checked for broken links and there is one left that need to get sorted out, also keep editing and changing images as they are all wrong from the beginning.


I keep editing posts on BaMC and BAT while at work on my tea brakes, slow progress but I keep working.


Only logged in to WA for few minutes at night and going to bed shortly so pretty much not doing anything at all today, will get up early in the morning to finalize my last post 'clixsense review' by adding images.


The more I see about Ecommerce business the more I doubt Internet Marketing business, not done much today, only added featured image to my last published post and that is now completed.


Had to be with Peter for most of the day so I havent done anything today, really bad with my progress lately.


Today back at work on day shift so doing some work on WA now while on my tea brake, will do some post editing on my last tea brake.


I keep editing one of the old posts on BaMC and BAT.


The same as yesterday, while on tea brakes at work.


While at work today I'm going to request 3 comments for my posts. Also keep working on editing posts and pages.

Just requested comments at WA for my posts at BaMC and BAT

"Your Request for Comments has been Added!"


I've decided to concentrate more on Ecommerce business this year and will still work on this affiliate marketing business and my BaMC and BAT blog but this might become even slower than it was.


I've only done some work today on WA and just updated theme on BaMC and BAT and approved comment.


Today I'm going to request three more comments for BaMC and BAT.


I'm only spending some time on WA and BaMC and BAT evening time as had to be with Peter for most of the day.


I done nothing today as was busy doing other things, there is to many things that I learn at the same time.


Only worked for few minutes on WA today as Peter is hanging on my arm for most of the day and as you can imagine it's extremely hard to do anything at all on the computer when 2.5 year old is jumping on you and pulling you by hand most of the time.


Going to mountains today so will not be able to work online, will try to do some work once back at home late at night but it might be hard to do so.


As I thought, I was exhausted coming back home from several hours of climbing in steep and rocky mountains, we only got to about 800 metes atsl from planned over 1000m asl as Peter got scared of the ridge. Going up the mountains today again and the same situation is expected.


Today I've only touched WA for few minutes, shame I do pay lot of money for it monthly but havent made a dime in one year. :(


Again, same as yesterday, I've done nothing with my BaMC and BAT blog and also very little work within WA. It couses frustration.


Same as deay before, nearly nothing got done on WA and didnt even touch BaMC and BAT :(


Got onto BaMC and BAT today but not going to be working on it long, just editing old post and adding some information to it, also doing some work on WA.


Today I'm back at work and will work more on my blog during my tea brakes.


I'm trying to do some work on the blog but in 40 minutes is just not enough time so I'm working on WA instead for minutes on my tea brakes. Also asked two questions on WA.


I've not done much work today, only edited one of the old pages, still need to put lot of work into my old posts and pages, one comment requested and two feedback's requested.


Today I've analyzed the replies to requested comments and feedback's, got some improvements implemented already.

03- 06/04/2017

I haven't really done nothing within these days, was doing many other things like trading on binary options and Forex market but also there results are not satisfying at all :(

Sadly cant switch to one thing only as been doing it all for long time now and its very hard for me to give up on any of these things.


Last night I added one new plugin to my blog, from deadbeataffiliate, it supposed to bring me traffic to the blog, haven't set it up yet. Today back on nigh shift so I might be able to work little more on the BaMC and BAT blog.


I'm going to start writing draft of the new review tonight.


I continue to edit all posts, changing fonts to smaller and checking for spelling mistakes, still so much to do with pictures which needs to be optimized, lots of images has to be added as featured images are missing on the blog.


I continue to edit old posts with smaller fonts all over BaMC and BAT.


Only one tea brake today at work hence not much is going to get done :(


Done some work with the top menu so I can put tick in one of the lessons at WA.

Started doing deadbeat affiliate course so I can learn more about building affiliate sites.

Registered with one new affiliate network with BaMC and BAT email.


While I'm at work I work on my tea brakes on editing latest draft which is 24option review so I can put another tick on the course at WA. Also doing some activities at WA.


I continue to update posts with smaller fonts and also checking them for spelling mistakes.


I continued to change fonts in old posts and check them for spelling mistakes.


Just updating featured image on one of the posts today and few minutes activity at WA. Also renewed doname BaMC and BAT as it's one year already since I started it.


I've not done much at all in the last few days but yesterday I've purchased 16 articles of minimum 500 words each for $1 each on writingfactory, wonder what quality they are going to be.


I kept editing old posts, changing fonts for smaller and checking for spelling mistakes, looks like I fall a victim of a scam buying these $1 articles from


Nothing happened in the last few days, I bought these articles and received them but they all need to be edited as they have been created in the spinner. I will start using speech notes to get them edited. Today I requested new feedback for BaMC and BAT.


Today I've added grammarly to Chrome and will use it while writing on BaMC and BAT so it checks for me spelling automatically. Also done some activity on WA and approved one comment on BaMC and BAT. I will request one new comment today.


One new broken link has been eliminated and I keep editing old posts ( checking them for spelling mistakes ) Nearly finished, this is now on my list of goals to get it finished soon :)


Only doing some work on my tea brakes at work, last day today but from tomorrow will be with Peter all day. Keep checking old posts for spelling mistakes and also changing fonts to smaller.


Never done much, only started doing some work last night while on tea brakes at work, all posts are now checked for spelling mistakes and text size has been decreased, on my to do list for tomorrow I put to go to upwork and hire someone to do : changing titles and headlines, rewriting some of my articles and adjusting featured images and also posts and pages images.


Today while at work I keep editing latest 24option review draft post. This will be finished in the next two days.


I'll continue to edit last draft post today while at work on my tea brakes.


Kept editing draft post and its nearly ready, yesterday I ordered one new blog post of about 500 words from fiverr.


Yesterday I've not done anything really apart from spending few minutes on WA.Today I'll continue to edit last draft post and will finish it and post, also my ordered new article is ready now and will be posted on BaMC and BAT in the next few days.


I continued to edit latest draft post, it might be finished tomorrow.

20/05/17 - 27/05/17

It's a shame but I dont really do nothing, now trying to learn to prioritize things so I always do the most important things in the day.

Ordered one article for BaMC and BAT which is going to be published today and still got to finish last draft article/ review.


Latest post that I bought on fiverr has now been published, updating headline now to make it complete.

29/06/17- 14/06/17

I've not really done anything in this business since I'm now balls deep into trading/ buying cryptocurrencies and the reason for this is there is thousands times higher potential in it for me to make profits than in IM, but not throwing in towel here just yet as IM is going to be for me one of my MSI's one day


From today while at work I start working again on BaMC and BAT and on WA only during my tea brakes.


I keep editing my latest draft post- 24option review during tea time while at work.


Just published 24option review post. Progress. :)


I've only checked BaMC and BAT emails today.

Keep editing pages to make smaller fonts and change them to black color as well.


I keep investing time and money in sites and activities that I see potential to earn money with, like giffgaff, sports betting, posting on Steemit or investing on cryptocurrencies where I pump as much money as I can at the moment.

Sadly not doing much or even nothing on WA and BaMC and BAT at the moment due to the mentioned activities and extremely busy family life and schedule. Now I'm only working on BaMC and BAT while at work during my tea brakes but as I'm now off work for the next 20 days I'll not be doing much or near nothing on WA and BaMC and BAT. Next is to order new post about Matchpool for BaMC and BAT on either fiver or Upwork.

26/06- 02/07/2017

Done literally nothing in the last few days, will be ordering tomorrow new post mentioned earlier.

02/07 - 11/07/2017

Yet again, nothing got done as I've had holidays and been away, also spending so much time with cryptocurrencies, from tomorrow I'll start working again with BaMC and BAT on my tea brakes at work.


I'm doing pages check for font size and also found there is two broken links on the blog but cant find them, will have to ask for help on WA.


Thats all pages now been checked for font size and mistakes in writing, now moving onto checking all posts, also doing some work at WA with the course, very very slow progress in the last few months sadly.


I keep editing posts today, looking for orthographic mistakes, font size, heading sizes etc.


Again I haven't done anything on my days off while at home, shame on me. Now it's day 3 at work and I only started doing something on BaMC and BAT and also on WA.


I keep checking all my posts for font size at the moment, hope to have it finished by tomorrow.


Today I just keep doing the same: "I keep checking all my posts for font size at the moment, hope to have it finished by today when I finish work.


I've not done anything on my days off again I'm afraid, will start working on my tea brakes again as back to work for my 12h night shifts tonight.


I was unwell for the last two days and didn't do nothing on the computer really.

Tonight back to doing some work on the BaMC and BAT and also on WA.


My set of 4 night shifts is nearly done and I haven't done much on BaMC and BAT, neither on WA, its a real nightmare for me doing so many things at a time and not focusing on one thing only, I could achieve a lot more.

01/08/2017 - 05/08/2017

I havent done anything at all on my days off, now while at work started doing some work on BaMC and BAT and on WA.

Today I keep checking comments left on pages and posts and replying to them wherever I havent done that already.


I've decided that for every post and page I want to have 5 comments so started to offer feedback for people at WA in order to get credits for my comments, I've ordered one comment today already.


Today I'll continue to leave comments for where I didnt do it before and also I'll request another comment for where its needed.


Doing the same as yesterday, checking where I need to respond to comments and requesting new comments as well, I get credits to order comments for leaving people feedback for their sites.

09/08- 21/08/2017

Its hard to believe it but I've done nothing again in this business, had 12 days holidays and was doing all other things but nothing on BaMC and BAT and WA. I've started learning all from the firm I've signed up with: IPRO network and learning E-commerce from this course.


Second day of my day shift today and I'm doing some work on WA and will start doing some work later on BaMC and BAT.


I've done nothing on my website, I'm more than a year now on WA, using their hosting and paying $47 a month just to have access to the course that I've stuck with couple of months ago, time to change it soon and go to the website more often, just keep doing many things at once which makes it nothing pays in the end but I look at this all as a learning curve, I need to learn more about psychology.

27/08/2017- 31/08/2017

Yet again nothing has been done on BaMC and BAT, only worked for limited time on WA in the last 3 days while at work on my tea brakes. On BaMC and BAT Ive only removed one bad link from the blog.


I'm going to order one new comment for BaMC and BAT blog, to get that I need to leave feedback for one member in WA.

02/09/2017- 06/09/2017

Days are passing quick and I dont do much at all, nothing has been done again during the last week, I'm struggling to manage my time properly. :(


I'm only managing to do some work within WA just not to neglect it totally. I keep working on things that are actually making me some money hence not doing anything with my BaMC and BAT blog at the moment.


Nothing got done again and I don't feel good with it, I will soon write new review post about the new program that I'm going to join.

By the end of the night shift I want to have it finished.


I've now started using the content creation section within WA and will use it regularly from now on. Luckily I've plenty of content ideas.


Today I continue to use site content within WA and creating new article for BaMC and BAT.


I continue to use Site content within WA today to keep writing new post.

As of 21 September I've decided to leave WA !

The reason is, this is very expensive and I dont really do much at all regarding building this business.

October will be my last month on this platform as I'm moving over to a platform that I can make money and I see lot more potential as an entrepreneur.

23.10. 2017

Still trying to transfer domain registrar and domain hosting to new firm.

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I'm not aware of any rule that has a word limit on blogs, but I would suggest breaking your blogs up into shorter blogs as it's easier to read and you can blog up to 3 times per day. But thanks for the update Marek.
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This is more a set of notes for myself for future reference than a blog for WA users, or this is for people that are strugling and want to see what I'm going through myself to achieve results.
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Write away my friend. Your posts are all appreciated.
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Thank you very much Jerome.
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If a post lasts longer than 3/4 of a page, I will speed read and generalize!
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I agree, this post was more of a form of a diary so I can relate to it at a later date to find what problems I've been facing and what resolutions to them I found or still need to find.
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I don't know. But that one was lengthy, for sure! :)
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It was the longest one I've seen here at WA.
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And your own! ;)
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Yes, thats right, thanks for your support :)
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