When your selling yourself!

Last Update: March 27, 2016

I know that affiliate marketing is great, and I do try to sell WA memberships but my primary focus is selling ME.

No, not my body

My skills as life coach.

So everything is designed to funnel people to my main website.

The other domains are to generate interest in areas that may need this service.

I create content regularly, and I feel I am slowly getting better, but it just doesn't suddenly manifest unless you practice, take risks, and make mistakes.

Anyway I keep going on videos / social /slideshare / SEO etc etc.

I am improving websites / adding conten

My latest video is improved over my first effort. 2min 39 secs


My main message is though persistance pays off. Just after the 3 month period I had a week or two of the "stuff it" attitude.


Dr Eddie Barnett

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JoaquinD Premium
Very nice youtube video and you are right after adding content everyday for a couple of weeks it gets old and gotta take a break and go at it again....

Thank you Eddie and cheers, Joaquin
dorina62 Premium
Congratulations!I watch your video and see the site!
workitbro Premium
What drew me to this blog was the word your, when it should have been you're or even you are.
LesleyHamlin Premium
That's very good. I love the You Tube idea.
Cali Premium
This is true, we are selling ourselves when promoting other peoples stuff also. That is we believe in it. I have watched two of your video's and subscribed to your You Tube Channel. Why did you opp out for sound? Just curious.
MINDwell Premium
Cali --- havent learnt that yet !! :)
Cali Premium
Ah, okay. It would sound great classical music. Oh wait, I like classical music. Just another learning curve.