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Last Update: April 02, 2016

The movie maker takes up to 30 videos and extra 30 still photos and splices them into a film that is quite impressive. My subscription is about $3 a month but I am sure you can makes some for free. I have made home videos for quite a while, but occass I whip up a business one.

Here is the latest

TO TRY go to

These are examples of raw movie just edited

I usually add them to beginning of video or upload them to YOUTUBE

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LesleyHamlin Premium
Thanks Mindwell. I'd not seen this before and will give it a try.
dorina62 Premium
Sipke Premium
Fascinating, i find the quality not so clear as the pictures? But love it. Marion
WindyCityUSA Premium
Very cool, thank you for sharing this.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
While I personally have made a few hundred movies and have a few thousand dollars worth of equipment I just hired a videographer to head up that part of my business. I actually want to do some television commercials and some additional social media marketing videos. I have not tried your tool but I have several tools in my Arsenal that can make videos. None of them are free however.
MINDwell Premium
wow thats a step above this!!!