Today's Accomplishments

Last Update: October 21, 2017

The first thing I did was go through my emails and ran across a blog from Paul Goodwin here at WA. He was talking about a Russian search engine called Yandex. I got interested and put my websites on it.

Then I wrote to blog posts today and set up an optin with an email generator for one site. I already have it on my others. I feel I got a lot done today. I also worked outside of my house.

I have noticed that since I started taking hikes with the Cub Scout Den I am a leader of that my stanima is getting a lot better.

Now time to work on my Affiliate Bootcamp lessons.

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ChrisScott Premium
Mike, I am beginning to see you around more and more and you are becoming more and more a friend each day. I’m so glad you are here at WA. You are in the right place. There is everything you need right here on this platform to thrive as I know you will.

I strive to surround myself with better men than me. Your passion for inspiring children prove to me that you are the kind of man that I want to be like.

Paul Goodwin is a good man as well. I’ve talked to him on a number of occasions and he is always quick to exhort his fellow WAer as you do.

May God cause all you do to prosper, buddy.


PS. You are a good writer.
mikewood1975 Premium
I really enjoy your training on a paying membership. You don’t just throw the information out, but you teach. I am happy to be in your network.
ChrisScott Premium
I figured you do that. Great and mighty men and women of character always do. You made this about me. Well.... I’m not letting you. I’m in the shadows this time, bro. You shine on!! You deserve it and you simply mean the world to me.

Shine shine!!
Carol46 Premium
So good for the mental state to do hiking and better when it's with Scouts!
subcpo14 Premium
Great that the involvement in Cub Scouts is many unplanned ways!! Jay
ShuiHyen Premium
Kept up the momentum:)
TRPEng Premium
Good job. Always something to do .Remember to stop and smell the roses occasionally. I was also really busy this week setting up my Amazon Affiliate. Took a break today. All the best