Hello 1,000 new friends !

Last Update: June 08, 2016

Hello to my first 1,000 friends ! Great to be connected to you all !

From many of you I've already learned a lot ! From those I haven't yet learned anything that is my fault not yours ! I'm sure I need to learn something from all of you and also sure I won't give up until I do !

Special Thanks to debbieaayton who is # 1,000 !

Looking forward to the next thousand !

If any of you can now teach me how to get 60 hours out of each day I'd really be grateful ! Until then I'll just keep plugging away and make do with 24 hour days ! As usual that means some things will wait till tomorrow. Going to try again to get it all done then................

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AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations it is a milestone. As for the problem there has got to be a way of dragging more hours out of the day lol.
JudeP Premium
I'm looking for that magic wand which will give me more hours in the day - let me know if you find one!! :)
RoopeshG Premium
Congrats on your 1000followers
SadieChan Premium
Not to worry, Mike. It takes time. Can't do everything at one time. Regards Sadie
MPollock Premium
Sometimes its hard to do it all in a day, Have fun and good luck